Extravagant Potato with Crispy Potato Collar

  • serves 4

Make your ordinary potatoes extravagant with this recipe! A mix of herbs, potatoes and even a lobe of foie gras.

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Directions for: Extravagant Potato with Crispy Potato Collar


6 yellow-flesh potatoes

2 sprig fresh rosemary

2 bay leaves

2 Tbsp horseradish

½ cup heavy cream

1 pinch salt

1 lobe of foie gras

1 handful freshly chopped tarragon

1 large baking potato

vegetable oil, for frying


1. Fill the bottom of a stovetop steamer with water, add the rosemary and bay leaves, place on a burner and turn the heat to medium high. Steam the potatoes over the aromatic water until very tender and mashable, about 15 minutes. Drain and add to a large bowl. Add horseradish, cream and salt and mash.

2. Meanwhile preheat a heavy skillet over high heat. Prepare and slice the foie gras thickly. Quickly sear the foie gras until golden, about 2 minutes on each side. Reserve a few of the browned slices but add the fat they release to the mashed potatoes along with the fresh tarragon and stir to mix well.

3. Using a Japanese continuous vegetable thread cutter, craft 1 potato into lengths of thin potato string. Wrap the string around a paper lined copper pipe and carefully fry in precisely 375ºF frying oil until crisp and golden.

4. Craft a pair of crisp potato collars. Stuff the potato collars with the rustic potato puree. Top the works with the remaining slices of seared foie gras.

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