8 Black Canadian Chefs and Creators on the Rise

Nadia Boachie of TravelandMunchies
Motoki (Doji) Kohiruimaki

Toronto is one of the most diverse and exciting food cities in the world. So it’s no surprise that this city is home to incredible Black culinary talents. Here are eight Black chefs and foodies on the rise who need to be on your radar! Whether it’s a follow on Instagram, or an outing to their next pop up, these Toronto (and GTA) based chefs, creators and entrepreneurs will open you up to a new world of African and Caribbean flavours!


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Abena Offeh-Gyimah – AddaBlooms

Want to learn more about African ancestral foods? Abena is a food expert, entrepreneur, and artist who will teach you everything you need to know. Her IG feed will give you an exciting glimpse into traditional Ghanaian cooking methods, farming practices and more. Plus, her business AddaBlooms brings African superfoods to Toronto so you can support African farmers while incorporating nutritious and tasty African grains and ingredients into your cooking routine.


Victor Ugwueke – Afrobeat Kitchen

Victor’s Afrobeat Kitchen pop up will have you hooked on West African street foods. His innovative takes on Nigerian classics like his smokey suya steak and his new creations like his Naija hot chicken have made waves with foodies across Toronto and landed him a spot at the new Smorgasburg market. Look out for his next pop up event for Nigerian dishes with a modern twist and authentic flavour!


Rachel Adjei – The Abibiman Project

Interested in learning more about African cuisines or adding new African flavours to your pantry? Look no further than Rachel’s The Abibiman Project, a pop up series and product line that is dedicated to showcasing the many diverse African cuisines and flavours of the Black diaspora. Rachel does more than create delicious food, she uses food to spark important conversations on food insecurity and racial injustice faced by Black communities while donating her profits to local initiative, the African Food basket.


Ozoz Sokoh – The Kitchen Butterfly

Ozoz is known as the Nigerian food explorer, and one quick scroll through her Instagram will show you why. As a food writer, expert and researcher, Ozoz shares a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for everyone with a taste for Nigerian cuisine. Her content is as eclectic as her taste and includes everything from traditional Nigerian recipes to her foodie experiments and product recommendations. Her content is not only informative but fun and her deep appreciation for food is truly contagious!


Alyssa Switzer – Plantiful Alyssa

If you’re looking for plant based inspiration and fun new ways to cook with Caribbean ingredients, then Plantiful Alyssa needs to be on your radar. Alyssa started her vegan journey back in 2014 and struggled to find vegan options that satisfied her taste buds. So she turned to her roots and began experimenting with Caribbean Ital dishes. The results were delicious and creative Caribbean-inspired vegan recipes, like her popular breadfruit tacos or soursop “fish”.

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Nadia Boachie – Travel and Munchies

If you’re in need of dinner inspiration, be sure to follow Nadia at TravelandMunchies. Her tasty global recipes are inspired by her trips around the world and Ghanaian roots. She’ll show you how to spice up your lunch routine with homemade Trinidadian doubles or Ghanaian bean stew with plantain. Her content will inspire you to try something new in the kitchen or book your next foodie adventure.



Marc Kusitor – Choptime Catering

Inspired by his Haitian and Ghanian heritage, Marc Kusitor incorporates flavours from both cultures. You can expect a wide range of comfort foods from this chef, from a perfectly spiced jollof rice dish, to a heart-warming poulet ak nwa (Haitian cashew chicken stew). Marc’s cuisine captures the beauty of Caribbean and West African flavours. Catch Marc at his next pop-up event or order a meal from his ghost kitchen to experience the best of both worlds.

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