Black Canadian Women Chefs and Foodies to Follow Now

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Instagram and Tiktok creators are some of our top sources of inspiration in the kitchen — from sharing drool-worthy recipes to spotlighting traditional African diaspora ingredients and even rethinking our preconceived notions around food justice. So whether you’re looking to refresh your feed with new perspectives or just craving more delicious content, read on for some of our favourite accounts to follow right now from Black Canadian women (in no particular order) at the forefront of the Canadian food landscape.


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Valerie Azinge

With striking food photography and thoughtful recipes that put an emphasis on nutrition first, Valerie Azinge, AKA My Digital Kitchen, is a chef and foodie who makes healthy eating look so good. While her photography style is dark and moody, her recipes showcase bright and colourful ingredients and ways of seamlessly incorporating plant-based, low-carb, gluten-free eating into your regular routine. Her cookbook 30-Minute Low-Carb Dinners is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make a shift in their diet, and you can find new and original recipes from Valerie right here on

Camille Arcese

Looking to elevate your favourite everyday recipes? Follow Camille Arcese AKA Cami Cooks ASAP — as a Cordon Bleu Paris trained chef and seasoned on-air entertaining expert, Camille provides endless cooking inspo in the form of seriously drool-worthy recipes that can make any weeknight feel extra special. From truffle parmesan popcorn to brown butter raspberry blondies, her cook-along tutorials are a luxurious glimpse into the life (and stunning kitchen!) of a professional chef who knows how to entertain in style.


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Eden Hagos

Eden Hagos (AKA @edenthefoodie) is the founder of Black Foodie, a prolific media platform and creative agency that celebrates African, Caribbean and Southern cuisine. With a dedicated following of over 200,000 people across her platforms, Eden is committed to changing the global conversation around Black food through food education and justice. Follow her for Black-owned restaurant recommendations, recipes that celebrate the diversity of Black culture and major travel inspiration. Beyond Black Foodie, Eden is a host and recipe developer — her recipes can be found here on

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Suzanne Barr

Chef Suzanne Barr knows the restaurant industry inside and out. As a celebrated restaurateur, social advocate, media personality and cookbook author, follow along with her as she shares her latest exciting projects — from BTS content in the kitchen to her experiences travelling the world as a professional chef. Plus, you’ll get to see all the drool-worthy food she’s making on the day-to-day.

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Afia Amoako

Looking for more plant-based recipes? Follow along as Afia Amoako, AKA The Canadian African, adapts traditional Ghanaian dishes to her vegan diet, all while explaining the cultural significance between the dishes and ingredients she showcases. Her feed is flooded with bright, gorgeous shots of the delicious food she prepares, with valuable educational info peppered in along with recommendations for her favourite BIPOC brands to support.

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Idil Farah

Interested in a more holistic approach to your diet? Nutritionist Idil Farah’s feed covers everything from health-focused recipes to managing hormonal balance to the healing power of ancestral food. Scroll through to feel inspired — whether it’s to make a nourishing smoothie or practice gratitude, and follow along as she explores the many ways we can nourish our bodies.

Bianca Osbourne

Looking for delicious recipes with a side of positive manifestation and goal-setting? Say hello to chef and holistic nutritionist Bianca Osbourne, host of the On My Plate Podcast and on-air food expert. Oh, and did we mention she’s also a mindset coach and media trainer? Bianca’s talents extend well beyond the kitchen, but we especially love the emphasis she puts on eating for a happier period cycle and eating to manage your blood sugar for better overall well-being.


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Ronke Edoho

With a whopping 330,000 followers on Instagram alone, Ronke Edoho (the voice behind @9jafoodie) is a powerhouse content creator who puts a focus on Nigerian recipes, ingredients and cooking methods that’ll have you feeling inspired. With the goal of simplifying traditional Nigerian recipes to make them as approachable as possible, Ronke dives into topics like the price of Nigerian stew in Canada, how to store Nigerian ingredients abroad, and how to make the very best plantain chips. Yes, please!


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