Our Honest Review of Bubly’s New Merry Berry Bublé Sparkling Water

Michael Buble with a can of merryberrybublé

If you’re as obsessed with sparkling water as we are, we’ve got some exciting news: Bubly Canada just released a new holiday flavour in collaboration with Michael Bublé, and we got to try it first. As the longstanding spokesperson for Bubly, Michael is known for proclaiming “it’s Bublé!” in all of his Bubly commercials, so it feels especially fitting that Bubly gifted him his own Merry Berry Bublé flavour just in time for the holiday season. Read on for our honest review, plus everything to know.


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a can of merryberrybublé


What flavour is Bubly Merry Berry Bublé?

This new Bubly flavour is a blend of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

What does Bubly Merry Berry Bublé taste like?

If you’re a fan of any of the other berry Bubly flavours you’ll be a fan of this. Truthfully, the flavour isn’t particularly new or unique, but like any other can of Bubly, it is delightfully refreshing and fizzy. The blackberry notes come through the strongest for us, and we can easily imagine this being a go-to non-alcoholic sip at your next holiday party. Better yet, try stirring it into a Lychee Rosé Bollybellini or Peach Mango Fizz for an elevated twist.

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How much is Bubly Merry Berry Bublé?

A 12-pack case of Bubly Merry Berry Bublé is $6, depending on your store and region.

Where can I buy Bubly Merry Berry Bublé?

You can buy Bubly Merry Berry Bublé in grocery stores Canada-wide, or wherever Bubly is sold.

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How long is Bubly Merry Berry Bublé available for?

The new Bubly Merry Berry Bublé will be available in stores for a limited time over the holiday season. While the brand has not specified exactly when it will be taken off the shelves, we recommend stocking up in November and December if you love the flavour.

What flavours of Bubly are available in Canada?

In addition to the new Bubly Merry Berry Bublé, there are ten Bubly flavours available in Canada: blackberry, grapefruit, peach, lime, orange, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, pineapple and watermelon.

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