Ron Ben-Israel and Harry Eastwood’s Top Cake Trends for 2021

Multi-coloured cake on a cake round with a piece missing from it displayed from the side.

There’s a famous saying that goes, “a party without cake is just a meeting” – and we couldn’t agree more! After all, it’s no coincidence almost every big event includes cake. From birthdays to weddings, baby showers to graduations, cakes symbolize celebration.

“Special occasion cakes have always reflected the changing times just like fashion!” celebrity chef, leading cake designer and judge, Ron Ben-Israel says. Before your next big bash, catch up on the latest cake trends taking over bakeries around all over the world.

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Lemon cupcake on a white cake stand with lemon wedges around it as a decoration

Petite Designer Cakes 

Over the past year, pandemic health regulations have required events to become more intimate, limiting guest lists to strict guidelines. And as parties and weddings have become smaller, so have the cakes,  says Ron. 

“This season, we’re concentrating on cakes that are more like jewel-like confections,” he says. Since grand cakes typically aren’t needed anymore, cakes with enticing colours and textures compensate for the diminished size. “These aren’t cupcakes; these are full-blown, intricate cakes that are made in a tiny size.” 

Close-up of rainbow coloured cake with a slice missing from it looking into the cake.

Rainbow Cakes

Once again, celebrations are starting to feel like the rainbow after the storm and this is literally translating to cake trends. Rainbows are going to continue to be huge, imparting bright and colourful messages of hope inside and outside of cakes,”  Ron says. 

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French croquembouche tower glazed and stacked like a Christmas tree

French Croquembouche Tower Cakes 

Do you want to add a show stopping focal point to your dessert table? Look no further than the French croquembouche tower cake. “Choux is back!” Harry Eastwood says. Choux pastries AKA pâte à choux or pastry cream puffs are a unique way to present single-serving desserts that look almost too pretty to eat. And did we mention just how delicious these cakes are?

Chocolate cake decorated with fresh flowers and pomegranate.

Fresh Flower Cakes 

Fresh flowers have become a popular way to elevate and add a pop of colour to any cake. “I’ve always been a big fan of using natural flowers to decorate celebration cakes,” Harry says. “Fresh flowers are low maintenance and will immediately turn your cake into a glamorous thing of beauty.”  

Before you pick flowers from your garden, be sure to only use flowers that are edible (such as roses, calendula, borage, lavender, fennel, violas, nasturtiums, pansies, cornflowers and dahlias), as well as herbs you already use in cooking. 

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Brush Stroke Cakes

Single layer cakes don’t need to be boring – add a hint of drama to any sized cake with the brush stroke technique. Brush stroke cakes are decorated with feather-like, multi-coloured brushed chocolate, Ron says. “It creates a really dramatic and graphic effect.”

Photos courtesy of Getty Images.

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