Here’s What a Canadian Buys at Trader Joe’s

From Tim Hortons to butter tarts, Canada is home to some pretty incredible things. Sadly, one thing we just don’t have access to on Canadian soil is Trader Joe’s, the American cult-favourite grocery stores known for its game-changing private label products like Everything but the Bagel seasoning and Cacio E Pepe Pasta Sauce. If you’re anything like me, you love a good grocery store shopping haul, which is why one of my favourite weekend activities is crossing the Rainbow Bridge over from Toronto to Buffalo to get my Trader Joe’s fix.

As a food editor and seasoned cross-border shopper, I’ve carefully curated my Trader Joe’s shopping list so that I can always stock up on the essentials when I’m in the States. While their selection of produce is downright gorgeous and their butter is always well-priced, read on for my ultimate Trader Joe’s picks that you can’t find in Canada. Consider it your future shopping list!

Editor’s note: All prices are in USD.

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