These Are Farm Boy’s Fan Favourite Products of 2023

Canadian grocery store favourite Farm Boy (lovingly known as the Trader Joe’s of the North) is always releasing new and exciting private-label products for customers to buy and try. With 47 locations across Ontario and a beautiful brand new location in downtown Toronto, Farm Boy fans are constantly updating their lists of top picks, so it’s only natural that Farm Boy would compile a list of their fan’s favourite products of 2023. We don’t know about you, but we will be filling our carts with at least one of everything! Read on to see which of your favourite Farm Boy products made the list.


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Fresh and Ready Soups

Available in over 20 different varieties (and counting) and including vegan and vegetarian options, Farm Boy’s soups are made in small batches with high-quality, simple ingredients. Some of the fan favourites include beef barley, roasted butternut squash, and hearty minestrone.

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Potato Chips

Made from farm-fresh russet potatoes, Farm Boy’s salty spuds are kettle-cooked to give their chips an extra crunch. They are also certified gluten-free, so they are perfect to put out at any social gathering.

Sweet Apple Cider

Made from fresh-picked apples, this cold-weather staple is the perfect seasonal beverage. Looking to add a little kick to this fan favourite? Try adding it to our Apple Cider Margarita.

Classic and Hearty Salads

If you love Farm Boy’s salad bar, you are going to love these ready-made salads. They are made with the fresh produce and topped with meats, cheeses and grains. Don’t forget to grab some Farm Boy salad dressing to add even more flavour!

Tortilla Chips

These locally-made chips are delicious on their own, but Farm Boy fan’s love to pair them with Farm Boy salsa or guacamole. Our favourite way to enjoy them is with Farm Boy’s Spicy Eda-Yummy Kale Dip.


What is not to love about these smooth, tangy and juicy Farm Boy sorbets? Made in small batches with fresh fruit, not only are these icy treats delicious, they are also plant-based!

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Gourmet Burgers

Prepared fresh in-store by the incredible Farm Boy chefs, these burgers are made with high-quality meat and stacked with delicious and unique ingredients. You’ll feel like summer is practically here and you’re sitting by the barbecue!


Stuffed with a delicious savoury filling of creamy mashed potatoes, cheddar and bacon, these perogies are the perfect comfort food. It’s no wonder Farm Boy fans love them so much.

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Hummus? More like yum-mus! Not only are these creamy, delicious dips full of flavour, they are also high in protein and made without any artificial colours or flavours! We think these would pair perfect with any of the chips or crackers available at Farm Boy.

Loaf Cakes

With a variety of different flavours available, there is sure to be a Loaf Cake that all your friends and family members will love. Made in-house, flavours include banana chocolate, chocolate zucchini, lemon thyme, as well as seasonal flavours.