Our Honest Review of the New Chatime KitKat Bubble Teas

Chatime KitKat bubble teas

If you love bubble tea (AKA boba) as much as we do, we have exciting news: Chatime just announced two new bubble tea flavours in collaboration with KitKat. We got to try the new drinks first, read on for our honest review and everything to know.


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What are the new Chatime KitKat flavours?

In collaboration with KitKat, Chatime has released two new bubble tea flavours: Thai Milk Tea Crunch with KitKat and Roasted Milk Tea Crunch with KitKat and Pudding. The Thai Milk Tea Crunch features their classic Thai Milk Tea, a strongly brewed black tea with aromatic spices, condensed milk and evaporated milk, and real KitKat creamy milk chocolate and wafers. The Roasted Milk Tea Crunch with KitKat and Pudding consists of their Japanese roasted milk tea (one of their most popular drinks) mixed together with egg pudding and real KitKat creamy milk chocolate and wafers.

Chatime Roasted Milk Tea Crunch with KitKat and Pudding Review

If you’re a fan of texture, this bubble tea really delivers. The creamy roasted milk tea is contrasted with the soft, custardy texture of the egg pudding and the light chocolatey crunch of the KitKat for something pretty special. While this might not be our everyday boba order because it feels more like a dessert than a drink, it is certainly off-the-charts delicious. The flavours work really well together, and the KitKat pieces felt like a nice surprise every time.

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Chatime Thai Milk Tea Crunch with KitKat Review

Unlike a regular bubble tea where you get some boba with every sip, the light crunch of KitKat only comes every so often in this drink, and honestly, we somewhat missed the boba. Next time, we might consider customizing it by adding boba pearls to up the texture factor. That said, the light swirls of chocolate pair really nicely with the strong black tea and creamy condensed and evaporated milks. This drink is also slightly lighter than the other KitKat drink option, so if you’re curious to try the KitKat drink series without the heaviness, this is a solid option.

Do the new Chatime KitKat Bubble Teas have boba pearls?

The new Chatime KitKat Bubble Teas do not have boba pearls ⁠— the KitKat pieces are swapped in to provide a light crunch instead of the signature chew of boba.

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How long are the Chatime KitKat flavours available?

The Chatime KitKat flavours will be available from November 9 until December 31.

Where can I find the Chatime KitKat flavours?

The Chatime KitKat bubble teas will be available at participating Chatime locations across Ontario and British Columbia.

How much are the Chatime KitKat Bubble Teas?

Both bubble teas are $6.70 for a regular size, and $7.30 for a large size.

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Can I customize my Chatime KitKat bubble tea?

Like all other drinks available at Chatime, you can adjust the sugar and ice levels to your preference.

Is Chatime only in Canada?

Chatime is in 62 countries around the world, with over 3000 stores.

What is the most popular drink in Chatime?

Although Chatime’s most popular drinks vary by country, their overall most popular and signature drink is their Pearl Milk Tea.

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