You Can (Finally) Get Ladurée Pastries and Cakes in Toronto

Executive pastry chef Alexandra Launay in the Laduree Pastry Lab

Iconic French patisserie Ladurée has officially opened a pastry lab in Toronto, which is seriously great news for Torontonians. Read on for everything to know about this game-changing expansion to Ladurée’s Canadian offerings.


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Is there Ladurée in Canada?

Ladurée has five locations in Canada: two in Toronto and three in Vancouver. However, up until recently, you could only get Ladurée macarons and some brunch items at the Toronto locations.

What is the significance of Ladurée opening a pastry lab in Toronto?

This major expansion means that Torontonians can now try Ladurée’s famed pastries and cakes without having to travel. “The Toronto laboratory opening marks a remarkable and long-awaited achievement for the brand. We are now able to offer Ladurée’s world-famous pastries and cakes to our Toronto guests,” says Olesya Krakhmalyova, owner of Ladurée Canada. “We cannot wait to see our guests enjoying the famous Ladurée Ispahan, Plaisir Sucre and Saint Honoré cakes, prepared exactly the same way as in Paris, right here in Toronto!”

The pastry lab is helmed by executive pastry chef Alexandra Launay, who has worked with Ladurée since 2010, previously serving as the head pastry chef at Ladurée’s laboratory in London, the second largest Ladurée pastry-making facility, creating pastries and cakes for four locations including Ladurée Harrods.

An assortment of Laduree cakes and pastries


What is the Ladurée Pastry Lab?

The Ladurée Pastry Lab is a state-of-the-art bakery that is specifically designed and equipped according to Ladurée global standards. Lead by Ladurée-trained pastry chefs, Ladurée Pastry Labs are the only locations worldwide where Ladurée pastries can be made.

Where are Ladurée macarons made?

Unlike Ladurée’s pastries and cakes, almost all Ladurée macarons are made in a factory in Switzerland. They are preassembled and then sent to all of Ladurée’s locations worldwide. This ensures that all macarons meet Ladurée’s rigorously high standards. The only exception is France: all macarons served at Ladurée’s French locations are made at a lab just outside of Paris, but they are preassembled and shipped out in the same process. So whether you’re enjoying a Ladurée macaron in Toronto, Shanghai or Dubai, you know you’re tasting Ladurée exactly as it should be.

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Pink and green Laduree mini cakes.


What is made at the Ladurée Pastry Lab?

At the Ladurée Pastry Lab, fresh pastries and cakes are made daily. Iconic cakes like Marie Antoinette, Ispahan, Saint Honoré, Millefeuille, Ladurée croissants and other viennoiseries, and ice creams are made from scratch daily according to the same recipes and techniques as Ladurée in France.

Can I visit the Ladurée Toronto Pastry Lab?

The Ladurée Pastry Lab is a closed kitchen, but you can find their creations at both of Ladurée’s Toronto locations.

Where can I try Ladurée pastries and cakes in Toronto?

Ladurée’s freshly-made French pastries and cakes are available at the patisserie’s Yorkdale tea salon and Exchange Tower locations. The new-to-Toronto delicacies will also be available to order on for in-store pick-up or delivery within the Greater Toronto Area.

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