Summer 2022 Chocolate Trends You Need to Try

As everybody knows, just one bite of your favourite treat can spark sweet memories for young and old alike. Project Bakeover host Steve Hodge says this is the case, especially with chocolate. Read on for some chocolate trends he predicts will take over confection aisles and chocolate counters this summer.

Reimagined Childhood Sweets 

“Right now at Temper Chocolate, we’re recreating classic chocolate candy bars you loved as a kid, like Kit-Kat and Coffee Crisp, but only using gourmet chocolate and high-quality ingredients,” he says. Want to put your own gourmet spin on a classic childhood dessert? Try this recipe for vanilla creme-filled chocolate cookie sandwiches. 

girl making chocolate in the kitchen

Making Better Chocolate Desserts at Home 

Whether you’re a professional chocolatier or a passionate home baker, Hodge says the type of chocolate you’re using in your recipes makes all the difference.  “You need good quality chocolate,” he says. Hodge recommends sourcing chocolate from local specialty chocolate stores or pastry shops. However, you can find excellent options in grocery stores, too.  

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The next time you’re buying chocolate, look at the ingredient list. “Look for chocolate that lists cocoa or cocoa butter as one of the first ingredients. Avoid options with oils (like palm oil) or additional additives you don’t know how to pronounce.” Quality chocolate doesn’t only taste better. It’s also good for your health! In fact, cocoa has numerous health benefits, from boosting your immune system to reducing your risk of heart disease. 

Steve Hodge arranging baked goods

Chocolate the local way 

Now that travel is picking up again, Steve recommends that every chocolate lover look up a local chocolate or pastry shop at each destination they’re visiting. “Every city, town, and country has amazing chocolatiers.” Although Vancouver is known for its artisan chocolate, there are talented bakers and chocolate experts across Canada. When asked about his own travels, Steve says there was one destination that really changed his own approach to making chocolate. “Japan is one of the best destinations for chocolatiers,” he says. The chocolate design and flavours and infusions are so precise that you think they were made from machines instead of by hand, he explains. 

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