20 Hygge Recipes To Cozy Up With

Have you heard of hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”)? It’s a cozy Danish concept that’s taken the world by storm, and it couldn’t be a more enjoyable pastime, especially in the chilly months. Hygge is about enjoying togetherness, coziness, family and friends, rustic charm and warmth – both literal and figurative. And, like most traditions, with it comes plenty of food. Hygge is the curl of steam coming off hot soup, the aroma of wine mulling with spices on the stove, the quiet stirring of morning oatmeal on the stovetop and the slow-curing of local fish. The recipes are soothing comfort food dishes that nourish the soul. They’re straightforward, welcoming and accessible to all regions of the world from Scandinavia and beyond. Here’s how to hygge deliciously, this winter.