Our Honest Review of De’Longhi’s TrueBrew Coffee Machine


It goes without saying that our team loves coffee. Who can deny coffee’s long lasting impact on food culture around the world? Coffee is by far the most popular beverage globally, ranging from Colombian to Kenyan beans. So when Italian coffee machine brand De’Longhi launched their new TrueBrew coffee machine, it was our duty to test it out. Read on to learn more about De’Longhi’s TrueBrew Coffee Machine, including our honest review.


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What is the quality of De’Longhi’s TrueBrew Coffee Machine?

De’Longhi coffee machines are a more luxurious option for a coffee maker. According to DeLonghi, the TrueBrew is able to perfectly grind and brew any type of coffee. Based on your needs, TrueBrew may or may not be worth it for the $599 price point.

What is the life expectancy of a De’Longhi Coffee Machine?

The average coffee machine lasts about 10 years with proper upkeep. However, De’Longhi’s built in cleaning system and scaling fluid allows for an even longer lifespan — if you follow the guide.

Does De’Longhi TrueBrew Make Espresso?

The De’Longhi TrueBrew Coffee Machine does brew espresso-style coffee (not the traditional method) — in addition to single serve coffees and full carafes.

How often should I descale my De’Longhi Coffee Machine?

It is recommended that you descale your coffee machine every three months. The TrueBrew allows for daily cleaning capabilities to assist with the overall wear of your machine.

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Our Favourite Features of the De’Longhi TrueBrew Coffee Machine

The Brewing Options

Often with other coffee machine brands, you’re stuck to just brewing a regular cup or short espresso. With TrueBrew you’re able to make fresh coffee with six different beverage sizes and five brew styles. We liked the gold brew best — it gave the right texture, flavour and aromatics for our tastes. Other brewing options include light, bold, espresso-style and over-ice.

The Auto-Clean Function

One of the most interesting features of the TrueBrew is the auto-clean function. The TrueBrew is capable of disposing the used up coffee grinds into compostable pucks. This is a welcome alternative to plastic pods or paper filters. Fun fact: coffee grinds are great additions to any potted plants or home gardens — coffee holds nutrients essential for healthy plant growth.

The Built-in Grinder

Purchasing local coffee beans has turned into something of a movement amongst Canadians. The urge to buy fresh local beans from a coffee shop in your neighbourhood has never been more present. However, sometimes the drawback can mean that these beans aren’t pre-grinded — putting the responsibility on you to find a way to grind them. We love that the TrueBrew eliminates the need to worry with it’s built-in grinder. Making coffee with the beans from our local coffee shop has never been easier.

One-Touch Capability

TrueBrew is one of the easiest coffee machines we’ve ever used. With the touch of a button, we could easily make the perfect size and brew without any fuss of trying to figure out all the technicalities. Others in our household tried machine too, and they agree that although it is sophisticated, it’s incredibly user-friendly.


Final Thoughts

It’s rare not to find flaws in technology nowadays — but truly, we did not find one here. Everything from the design to the special features was immaculate in our eyes. As casual coffee drinkers, this definitely fit our needs and made seriously delicious coffee super approachable. That said, if you’re basically an at-home barista, you may be better off opting for another more advanced machine in their collection. While the machine is undeniably pricy (there are endless more affordable options on the market), the price fits the quality of the machine. If you’re a budding coffee connoisseur and looking for an upgrade, you can’t go wrong with the new TrueBrew from De’Longhi.

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