10 Must-Have BBQ Accessories For Every Home Cook

As any expert can tell you, tools don’t make the master, but they sure can help! And when it comes to grilling, Fire Master host Dylan Benoit has some BBQ accessory suggestions for how to level up your next BBQ. 

What does Benoit look for when sourcing BBQ accessories? “When I’m looking at BBQ or cooking accessories, I always look for items that do a unique job, improve the quality of a job, or make a difficult and time-consuming job easier,” says the Fire Masters host

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“For example, a metal grill basket does a job that can’t easily be done with any other apparatus, and although I can take my grill grates out and scrub them in my kitchen sink after each use, a good quality grill brush does a similar job with a fraction of the effort and mess. Conversely, I’ve never purchased a set of ‘bear claws’ or anything similar for shredding meat because I can achieve the exact same result with two forks, and I already own the forks!” 

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As for insider tips, here are a couple of Benoit’s trade secrets: “Just like any time we add something new to our cooking routine, it can be unfamiliar at first but after some use and practice, we wonder how we ever lived without that item. For me, tongs are a big factor – it may sound silly to some, but if I’m cooking somewhere and the tongs are inadequate, it negatively affects my cooking experience.”

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He adds, “Much like trying to cut with a dull knife, you can often get the job done, but the enjoyment of the process is greatly diminished. Too many times I see people fumbling around with massive grill tongs that are clumsy to hold and provide no structural integrity or grip to rely on. And don’t get me started on tongs that have rubber or plastic on the tips where you grab the food! A set of 6″, 12″ and 18″ restaurant quality tongs will change your grilling experience, I promise.” 

Of all these favourites, Benoit has his absolute essentials. “My top three must-have accessories are a good set of tongs, a quality thermometer and a selection of wood chips. With these three items I can tackle just about any ingredient or cooking environment,” he says. 

The following 10 BBQ accessories are Benoit’s go-tos that improve his cooking techniques or the overall grilling experience – and find out his reason why. 

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