Eddie Jackson’s Top Big Bake: Halloween Cakes From Season 4

When you’ve got the buttercream of the pumpkin crop whipping up the best cakes and special effects, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Yet that’s the task The Big Bake: Halloween judge Eddie Jackson had in front of him after the newest season of this spooky competition.


In the video above, Eddie narrows down this season’s best bakes to the Top 7. Read on to see which cakes impressed the judge most with their frightening creativity and haunting flavours.

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7. Trick Or Treat

Werewolf at a spa cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

Team Trick Or Treat pulled out all the stops for its Scary Salon Cake, which featured moving tentacles, creepy fingernails and a cucumber-eyed werewolf.

“Boo-tiful doesn’t even begin to describe this cake,” Jackson said of the pumpkin pound cake with sweet cream cheese filling.

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6. Eerie-Sistable

Carnival cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

Team Eerie-Sistable gave Jackson “thrills and chills” with its Creepy Carnival cake, which was full of blood orange and thyme flavours. The moving carousel had some pretty memorable figures riding it, while the entire cake was adorned with creepy details from top-to-bottom.

“The memory of this cake will haunt me for eternity,” Ron Ben-Israel said.

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5. Fa-Boo-Lous

Karaoke witch cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

Team Fa-Boo-Lous totally nailed its Witch and Famous cake, which was a red velvet and almond cream cheese frosting cake shaped like a bling-wearing witch performing karaoke.

“This cake was so magical; it had us all under its spell,” Jackson said of the offering, which featured glowing eyes, blind mice with chains and even gold teeth.

4. Bone to Be Wild

Creepy doll cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

“Diabolically delicious” is how Jackson described this Diabolical Dolls cake courtesy of Bone to Be Wild. The giant creepy doll could have been something out of Squid Game, while the tinier, moving dolls even spoke.

“Awful, awful, awful. Nightmares forever,” Ben-Israel said of the chocolate malt cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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3. Batter Up

Mummies cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

When Team Batter Up put their Scare Devils cake together, they were all about the realistic light-up candles and mummies with rolling eyes and goggles.

“This cake had our taste buds screaming for more,” Jackson said of the pumpkin cake with caramel bourbon Swiss meringue buttercream. “Feels like a slice of fall. Spot on,” he added.

2. Ghoul Friends

Bug cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

Everyone was Buggin Out during this on-brand theme, but it was Team Ghoul Friends who… well, took the cake with its giant bugs and a cartoon woman with steam shooting out of her ears.

“This cake was scrumptious and full of scary surprises,” Jackson said. Among those surprises? Once the judges cut into the lemon raspberry cake With lemon Swiss meringue buttercream, the layers of fresh raspberry actually looked like blood.

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1. Cake Magic

Haunted forest cake from The Big Bake: Halloween

Food Network

Coming in at number 1 in the memorable cakes department was Team Cake Magic and its Supernatural Swamp cake. Jackson deemed the Pandan Lime Cake “irresistible,” while all three judges were impressed with the downright creativity and talent the cake exuded.

In addition to a giant haunted tree that spat out of its mouth, there was a poisonous mushroom seeping with goop. Add in the owl with its rotating head and the colourful forest bed full of equally frightening things, and this was one supernatural cake.

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