How to Make Your Halloween Treats as Spooky as Possible

Remember as a kid when you’d walk through a dark haunted house and were told to stick your hands into bowls of unknown substances with the caution that they were livers, guts and eyeballs? Yeah… sounds like a questionable Halloween activity, now that we think about it. Nonetheless, this spooky season we’re thinking of all the fun foods that really could double as gory body parts. Whether it’s for topping off your Halloween cupcakes with an always-watching gumball eye or going old school and filling bowls of “bloody brains”, it’s the perfect time to stock up your fridge with the following spooky treats.


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How to make fake eyeballs

You’ll want to use something circular or round (obviously) and hard enough to keep its shape. Try grapes, gumballs, life saver candies, fuzzy peaches, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, mini meatballs or olives. Coat them in something white like cheese, frosting or white chocolate and add a dot to really give them the perfect eye illusion. Try your hand at these creepy cake eyeballs.

How to make fake brains

When making fake brains, opt for something that sticks together, feels a little wet to the touch and mushes together easily. Minced meats, canned tuna or macaroni and cheese will be your friends for that nasty feeling but delicious tasting options. If you need something larger, make red Jello in a round mold so that it jiggles just like we imagine a brain would.

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How to make fake guts

Something long, thin and slimy will do the trick for guts and intestines. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Cooked spaghetti or udon! Mix in some pasta sauce to make them extra bloody, or if you want to avoid the mess, try licorice strings.

For kidneys, it’s in the name so you don’t need to overthink this one when you realize kidney beans are the perfect choice! And for lungs — butterfly cookies! Place them side by side to give the appearance of a healthy set of lungs.

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pepperettes being prepped for a halloween charcuterie board

How to make fake bones

Any type of hard candy or pretzel sticks will do. If you want the bones to be flexible, kind of like when Harry Potter loses his bones after his quidditch match… use cheese strings or hot dogs!

How to make fake teeth

Candy corn is our top pick for this category because it is already in the ideal shape and has the perfect hardness that we need. This will be all anyone at your Halloween party chatters about.

You’re all set to quite literally surprise, delight and hopefully spook your guests at your next dinner party. Happy Halloween and happy baking!

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