I Tried Zwilling’s Enfinigy Milk Frother, Here Are My Honest Thoughts

Zwilling enfinigy milk frother

As an avid coffee-lover, in search of that perfect steaming (or refreshingly icy) cup of coffee, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out ZWILLING’s latest Enfinigy Coffee Series Cool Touch Milk Frother. 

I was curious to see how the Enfinigy line’s promise to deliver the luxury of getting that perfect café-made latte right in my own home would stack up against the reality (factoring in that I’m no coffee shop barista but am always looking for ways to bring that same experience to my home and kitchen).

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The Zwilling Enfinigy Coffee Series – what to expect

While Zwilling’s Enfinigy series Cool Touch Milk Frother is the focus of my review here, Enfinigy’s line of kettles and other electrics extends beyond the frother to include a Stainless Steel/Glass Coffee Bean Grinder and a 12-cup Glass Drip Coffee Maker

I used the frother in combination with these two to see how the system worked together (and because it’s hard to replace the flavour of freshly ground beans), but you can absolutely swap in your existing appliances or totally forego the grinder, if that’s your preference. 

Zwilling's Enfinigy milk frother

ZWILLING Enfinigy Cool Touch Milk Frother for Hot & Cold Foam, from Amazon, $106.

This frother specifically is designed to create that perfect fluffy foam for any beverage of choice – regardless if it’s hot or cold, or whether you use dairy or plant-based alternatives (I tested it with both 2% dairy and oat milks). It also comes with a 400 millilitre removable stainless steel milk container (just note that the capacity for hot milk and cold milk varies) and two removable froth or stir attachments that froth foam or blend hot cocoa to perfection. The unit comes with a cord winder, for easy storage too. 

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Zwilling Enfinigy milk frother overhead

A few notes on frothing and getting barista-quality foam

I learned that the milk you use matters. Find the right milk – whether dairy or plant-based (full fat tends to work better than lower-fat milks), and out of the plant based alternatives, oat milk works particularly well. Milks labelled “barista milk” work best for attaining those “microbubbles” in your froth, but you can absolutely work with non-barista milks too (this is what I did). 

The good

While my focus for this review is on the frother, I will just quickly say that testing out the 12-cup Glass Drip Coffee Maker during a gathering I hosted did yield delightful results because the maker includes a unique grounds blooming feature to bring out the full flavour of your freshly-ground beans, enhancing it beyond what you might expect with your basic drip coffee.  

In terms of the Cool Touch Milk Frother, it’s an easy-to-use small appliance, offering two settings for your hot and cold options. 

Additionally, the capacity is clearly denoted on the inside of the milk container so you can be sure to avoid any messy spills (this is good news because how much milk you can froth depends on whether you’re working with warm milk or cold milk and as the yield is higher with cold milk). 

As mentioned, froth is about getting that milk to the right temperature, and Zwilling’s frother makes this part super easy, removing guesswork and creating a creamy, smooth foam every time I tried it. 

I also appreciated the speed at which the frother made my foam ready, reaching that perfect consistency at under five minutes and automatically shutting off when done (for me generally, the less thinking required before the caffeine kicks in, the better).

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The bad

While the cleanup is as easy as it can be with an added appliance in your kitchen, it’s still one more item to clean (as they say though, no pain, no gain – I didn’t mind the extra work if it meant a levelled up coffee experience, but everyone’s different). 

The other potential down side is the price point, given that it’s a unit that’s not an essential, but depending on how frequently you plan to swap your bevvy for an at-home brew, the unit may pay for itself if you opt for your own creations rather than your regular coffee bar jaunts. 

Final verdict

As mentioned the price point may pose a barrier to some but if you’ve used other cheaper hand-held alternatives, you’ll quickly see that there is thought and care put into Zwilling’s Enfinigy Cool Touch Milk Frother design beyond its competition (read: you get what you pay for). 

And while admittedly, I’m no pro when it comes to café art, I do have to say that having the option to top my brew with some well-formed foam did help make the ordinary morning coffee ritual feel just a little bit more special and attainable, right in my own home, and I do see myself only getting better with each use. 

At a time when many of us may be looking to cut back on spending, little indulgences like this go a long way, so if you’re a coffee aficionado and enjoy the ritual it brings, Zwilling’s latest is a great option for you. 

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