You Can Get Free Kraft Dinner at The Beer Store This Long Weekend

Kraft Heinz Canada

The May long weekend is coming up and for many Canadians, that means the beginning of summer. When preparing for a trip away on a long weekend there are three things you need. Drinks, snacks and friends! Thanks to Kraft Dinner and The Beer Store you will be able to get two of those at one place on your drive out of town. Read on for how these two brands are teaming up. Plus learn how you can get some free Kraft Dinner this weekend.


What is a two-four?

The May long weekend which is often referred to as the May two-four weekend has a double meaning. It’s a nod to Queen Victoria’s birthday which was on May 24 but also references another piece of Canadian culture. A two-four is a Canadian term for a 24-bottle case of beer. Kraft Dinner was inspired by this iconic Canadian term and decided to create a two-four of their own. The KD 2-4 is a 24-pack of KD mac and cheese cups, personal-size servings that are made quickly in the microwave.

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Why did Kraft Dinner and The Beer Store create the KD 2-4?

Brian Neumann, head of brand communication at Kraft Heinz Canada, says that this collaboration was created to celebrate Canada’s unofficial start to summer. “Partnering with The Beer Store allows us to bring two Canadian icons together and encourages Canadians to ‘crack a warm one’ as they celebrate the kickoff to summer.” The idea is that Canadians can “crack a warm one while they crack a cold one.”

Where can I find the free KD 2-4?

Starting May 17, the KD 2-4 will be available at select Beer Store locations across the GTA and Muskoka district locations. You can find out where to find them on the KD 2-4 website. To get your free KD 2-4 stop by one of the select Beer Store locations, no purchase is necessary! This is a limited-time offer while supplies last for the May long weekend. But we hope this becomes a permanent opportunity to pick up snacks and drinks all in one!