Our Honest Review of Mary Brown’s Melty Mash-Up Bowl

Mary Browns

In 2024, Pinterest predicted melty mashups as being a top trending genre for food fanatics on social media. From delicious smash burger tacos to cheeseburger quesadillas, this viral trend has truly taken over. Canadian chicken shop brand Mary Brown’s, has thrown their wing into the ring with their recent launch of the Melty Mash-Up Bowl. Needless to say, we had to try it. Read on for everything you need to know about Mary Brown’s Melty Mash-Up Bowl and our honest review.


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How does Mary Brown’s cook their chicken?

Though the recipe for Mary Brown’s iconic chicken is a secret, what they do share is that rather than pressure fried, which is the industry standard, the cookers use heat to seal in juiciness and flavour and give their chicken its delicious natural golden colour.

What is a Melty Mashup?

Pinterest predicts 2024 will be the year of melty mashups with tons of new recipes emerging, fusing our favourite dishes into one explosion of flavour.

How does the Mary Brown’s Melty Mash-Up Bowl taste?

Chicken plus mashed potatoes and gravy, what could go wrong? While this classic combination is a comfort meal we often turn to — we felt this dish left us wanting more. For starters, price per portion — it’s a great deal. The Melty Mash-Up Bowl can be found in the snack section on the menu. In our mind, snack menu equals a small portion — not in this case. So while we love the idea of this bowl being a one-stop-shop for lunch, we felt a little disappointed with the chicken-to-mash ratio. The majority of the bowl was filled with tons of mashed potatoes, leaving little room for the Honey BBQ Chicken Pop-ins.

While both the signature gravy and the crispy onions made an excellent addition, we were still left wanting more of the delicious chicken. If you’re a fan of potatoes over chicken, this is a great option. Otherwise, we would suggest ordering a chicken sandwich on its own.

How much is the Mary Brown’s Melty Mash-Up Bowl?

The Mary Brown’s Melty Mash-Up Bowl is offered at a great price of only $6. In the bowl, you’ll get a large helping of mashed potatoes, Honey BBQ Chicken Pop-ins, the signature gravy and crispy onions.

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