Our Honest Review of Subway’s Footlong Cookie


When we saw that Subway released three footlong sweet treats in the United States, we Canadians had major fomo. I mean a footlong worth of ooey gooey cookie goodness? Sign us up! But lucky for us, the footlong chocolate chip cookie has now launched at Subway in Canada, so we knew we had to try it as soon as possible. Read on for everything you need to know about the Subway Footlong Cookie and our honest review. Plus we answer the question — is the Subway Footlong Cookie actually a footlong?


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What is the Subway Footlong Cookie?

Back in 2022, Subway released a footlong chocolate chip cookie for a limited time in the US for the celebration of National Cookie Day. It has now made its way up north to Canada and is available across the country. It’s gooey, full of decadent chocolate chips, served warm and yes, it is a foot in length (we measured).

How does the Subway Footlong Cookie taste?

The flavour of the Subway Footlong Cookie is kind of nostalgic. It reminds us of the cookies we would buy for a sleepover with our friends when we were teenagers. It tastes a bit like a Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie. This chocolate-packed treat tastes delicious when warm. We have heard of a few people who got Footlong Cookies cold and they did not have the same ooey gooey, delicious experience. If you are a fan of cookies that taste a little undercooked, you will love the footlong cookie. It almost feels like a cookie dough-flavoured cookie because of this. Obviously, a footlong worth of cookie is a lot, but we think this is the perfect sweet treat to buy for a party (or a sleepover with your friends)! Don’t forget to include a giant glass of milk to dip the cookie in, because nothing is better than cookies and milk.

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How much is the Subway Footlong Cookie?

Depending on your region, the Subway Footlong Cookie retails for about $6. You can order it in-store or through the Subway app.

Is the Subway Footlong Cookie a Limited Time Item?

At the moment we’re not sure how long the Footlong Cookie will be sticking around in Canada. However, Subway does tell us that “more Footlong snack surprises are coming later this year”. We can’t wait to see what’s in the works!