10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Toronto for an Unforgettable Date

Andore: Photography by Rick O Brien

What classifies a restaurant as being romantic? We can probably agree on a few things: mood lighting, ambiance and excellent food make for great building blocks. But with so many restaurants in Toronto offering this kind of experience, what will evidently set them apart? What’s often forgotten (and maybe the most important thing) is the feeling we get the moment we step through those doors. A personalized burst of nostalgia, mixed with a flurry of heightened emotions that symbolize the difference between a platonic and romantic endeavor. Sure, everyone’s romantic experience will be unique — but one thing is clear: once you know, you know. So if you’re hung up on love like we are, these romantic restaurants in Toronto are sure to give you butterflies.


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Address: 1040 Queen St, W. Toronto, ON

Playfully chic and effortlessly elegant is how we would describe new kid on the block, And/Ore. This newly dubbed Queen West gem has been silently slaying the hearts of guests since its opening. While the upstairs parlour is a feat all it’s own, we (like everyone else) were captivated by the cave below. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the city, this restaurant is both lavish and seductive. We suggest partaking in the Chef’s Picnic — a full culinary immersion into And/Ore’s best offerings.


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Bar Prima

Address: 1136 Queen St, W. Toronto, ON

If glitzy and glamourous is your game, Bar Prima is the name. This West end beauty was built without flaws — dripping in opulent flare. Bar Prima evokes a time of rich excellence where gold meets gourmet in holy matrimony. If you notice a sparkle in your date’s eye, it’s probably the shimmering gold light emanating from the ceiling — or a tear of joy (we’ll let you decide).


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Address: 96 Harbord St. Toronto, ON

Romance is served petite-ish at this “French-ish” restaurant on Harbord Street. Quaint, yet packed with quality, Dreyfus is an understated romantic escape for the tastebuds. Though it might get a little noisy at times, the banter only adds to the lively atmosphere. Partake in a glass or two of their fine selection of wine, and please do not skip the dessert — you’ll thank us later.


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Address: 1168 Queen St, W. Toronto, ON

Funky and floral is how we would describe this bouquet of beauty. Florette is many things, and romantic is definitely one of them. From the intimate lighting to the cozy seating, that date is going to feel like you have the place all to yourselves. Not to mention the food — delicious, and the drinks? Out of this world. If you want to impress your date with a little flower power, step into this Garden of Eden.


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Address: 920-922 Queen St, W. Toronto, ON

Nothing says wine and dine like Henry’s restaurant and wine bar. This elegant treasure features a delicious menu of globally inspired dishes that will surely impress your foodie date. Adorned with minimalist fixtures and soft green tones throughout, this restaurant is not only romantic but dare we say, Instagrammable. Sure, photography on a date may seem a bit faux-pas, but at Henry’s, you’ll want to keep a record of these memories — who knows, they might come in handy one day (que the wedding bells).


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Le Swan

Address: 892 Queen St, W. Toronto, ON

Whoever said diner dates were out of style have never been to Le Swan. This restaurant’s retro melange of French and diner-inspired dishes is the true definition of nostalgia. From the vintage accents to the classic bistro style seating, it’s no wonder Le Swan has built such a strong local fan following (us included).


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Address: 1434 Dundas St, W. Toronto, ON

Midfield is one of those places that locals love to keep close to the chest. This restaurant is a West end gem that has preserved the foundations of careful wine curation to the letter. With over 350 wines to choose from, it’s no wonder this is a prime date spot for Toronto’s Dundas West neighbourhood.


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Address: 419 College St, W. Toronto, ON

Have you ever had a romantic date by a wood burning fire in a Michelin star restaurant before? Perhaps now is the time. Quetzal, known for it’s award-winning cocktails, Michelin-level dishes and incredible staff, offers a romantic dining experience like no other. From the flames of the roaring fire, each smell, taste, and texture will ignite a fiery passion in your heart that will make this date unforgettable.


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Address: 498 King St, E. Toronto, ON

Roses are red, violets are blue — let’s just stick to roses here. Rosebud restaurant and wine bar is an eclectic, yet charming spot ideal for first dates. The interiors are classic while not being drab, and the menu is carefully crafted to ensure every bite is one you’ll remember. Though Rosebud does have limited seating, we believe this is to their benefit as it creates a more intimate experience for your date.


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Simpl Things

Address: 269 Dunn Ave, Toronto, ON

They say the simple things in life are always better, and in this case we have to agree. Simpl Things is our Parkdale princess and we couldn’t be more enchanted by this cocktail bar. Filled with whimsy and delight, Simpl Things evokes a heightened sense of youthfulness with dishes that embrace quirkiness. This is an ideal date spot for the couple who cares more about having fun together than anything else.