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Noah Cappe is no stranger to searching for the best bite at a fair on Carnival Eats. In the new Food Network show Best Bite in Town he’s taking those skills on the road. With the help of some familiar Food Network friends, Noah is on a mission for Guy Fieri to find the best bites in town across America. We recently chatted with Noah about Best Bite in Town, Carnival Eats and what he is up to for the rest of 2024. Plus, does he think that Disney World or the CNE has better food? Read on to find out.


Tell me about Best Bite in Town!

The beautiful thing about this show is there’s a familiarity to it for triple D fans. There’s that safe place of getting to see real restaurants and real people, buried in those little corners and crevices of the country that don’t always get a chance to have a spotlight. But this competition element, bringing out the community, having everybody involved, having additional co-hosts each episode, this kind of rotating thing of, celebrity chefs. Triple D is the OG, but this just feels like the new enhanced version of it in certain ways. I’m beyond thrilled that I, in a certain way get to help steer that ship.”

What was it like going into those smaller communities and interacting with those people?

I think because of my Carnival Eats years and being on the road so much and being in so many small towns and going to so many small fairs, I’ve logged a lot of hours in those worlds. It’s a comfort place for me. I find myself gravitating to the place that’s two hours from the airport. In a few years from now, if we’re lucky to keep that spike going, I’ll say the same thing about this show as I do on Carnival Eats. The food brings people in, but it’s the people that keep them watching. Already in this first season, there are so many memorable characters [and] restaurants that you’re cheering for. When you see some of them win, you can feel the life-changing moment. They understand what this means. That’s super special to be a part of.”

Do you have a standout spot that you went to?

“We went coast to coast on this season. We started in [California], worked our way all through the South, and went up to the East Coast through Connecticut and Rhode Island. I can pull moments, restaurants and people from every one of those spots. I think part of what makes the country that you live in, whether it’s Canada, America, whatever it is, so unique is that the pockets are unique. There’s food that’s specific to those areas. There are dishes and traditions you’ll only find in those spots. So whether it’s barbecue in the South or the seafood on the East Coast or that fresh farm-to-table vibe on the West Coast. It’s amazing. It’s always fun to pop into those different spots.”

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You guys do punishments or humiliation for the losing celebrity chef. Do you have a favourite one of those or one that stands out?

“Guy relishes in those moments. It’s super cool when the restaurant wins at the end, they get $5000 for the restaurant. They get $5000 towards their charity of their choice. They get a trophy, they get the bragging rights and the influx of business. One of the little awesome things is they also get a phone call with Guy. He is as excited about that [as he is about the] follow-up call, where he gets to reveal the punishment to the two losing chefs.

Believe it or not, this may be shocking to some people but I don’t win every episode, so I did have to face the punishment a few times. And they are creative. They are different. They are humiliating.”

If you had to come up with a punishment or humiliation, what would it be?

“I always drift towards mascots and wacky costumes. The problem with the mascot costume is that rule one is you don’t take off the head, you don’t remove the headpiece. So it would have to be something where your face is in the oval cutout. I’ve obviously dove a little bit too deep into this thought about the costume. But that feels like a good way to set that embarrassing train in the right direction.”

When you’re looking for the best bite, what are certain elements that you’re looking for?

“That is a great question, because there are so many things that you’re trying to factor in when you’re making those decisions. In the first episode, Jet Tila and Tiffani Faizon, are my co-hosts, and I [was] trying to think about what restaurants they chose and what food they may be leaning to. I don’t want to do the same thing, you know what I mean? You’re thinking about the town, you’re thinking about what food they like, the backstory, the element. Then, of course, the bite. That moment of , ‘does this have that crave-ability factor? Is this something that people would drive to try and go out of their way to make part of their experience?’ There [are] a lot of elements that go into it. Clearly, I have not cracked the code yet because I didn’t win every episode [like] I thought I would.”

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What is the best bite you’ve ever had on Carnival Eats?

“I circle back to this one all the time. It is French onion soup on a stick. The creativity, the execution and the fact that when you bit into it, it took about zero point two seconds for you to [realize] that is that is French onion soup. If you close your eyes and someone puts that bite in your mouth, you would not know it was on a stick. It was brilliantly done. People should try to find that episode.”

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You went to Disney World recently! Who has better food, Disney World or the CNE?

“I mean, listen, Canadian kid, born and raised. I’ve been to Disney a bunch, but I’ve been to the CNE every year of my life. Homegrown, you know? I think you know what I’m saying. Disney. No, just kidding! CNE! Of course the CNE!”

Will you do the CNE Carnival Eats food trailer again this year?

“I hope so! I think people liked it and I hope that they had a chance to come out and check it out. We had a Carnival Eats-inspired truck to share some of the creations from the fairgrounds. It was an awesome opportunity to meet people and take pictures and share some stories. Plus, anytime I can deliver a funnel cake to a face is always fun.”

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You’re very fast when it comes to these quips and responses. You come from a comedy background and a musical theatre background. Is that right?

“I come from a big family, middle kid. At an early age, [I had] those moments of like, ‘hey, hey, look at me!’ And then getting a response, getting a reaction out of people. I just kind of clicked with it. It’s weird. I heard somewhere that live public speaking is a bigger fear than death for some people. But that’s like my safe spot and my comfort place. I don’t know if that means something’s wrong with me.”

So what’s going through your head when you’re filming or doing an interview?

“What I love about it so much and I think what people at home are receiving, whether they realize it or not, is it’s real. I was the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Canada. I can tell you that there is a molding and guiding of certain storylines and things that happen. In shows like Carnival Eats and Best Bite in Town, there’s no script. I literally get to the fair and it’s like, Noah, meet so-and-so, you’re making this. Go! It’s all real. I think that realness and naturalness create moments that are unexpected. And I think people at home kind of connect with it.”

What would you consider your best bites in Toronto?

“Wow. I mean, born and raised, Toronto has been home for me since day one. I leave a lot. I’m on the road an unbelievable amount, but I get home every chance I can, even if it’s for two days in between a shoot. This is home base for me. I say to people all the time, you stand on a street corner in Toronto, and there’s a good chance you’re going to be surrounded by four people from four different parts of the world. And you see that in the restaurants. You see that in the food. You can literally try cuisine from anywhere and everywhere. Spoiled rotten in that sense. Picking specific favorites, I can’t play that game.

But, good pizza is my weak spot. Detroit Style Pizza. I’m a big fan. Although, you know, I will say shout out to Danny’s Pizza Tavern. I think that’s my new favourite pizza spot. It’s Connecticut style, very thin, where it’s super burnt around the edges. You almost get that like black dust, that falls. You hit it with the addition of a little black dust sprinkle and those little cup and char pepperonis. Shout out to Dan. I don’t know if Danny’s a real person, but if he is and that is his pizza tavern. Keep up the good work.”


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What are you up to now and what’s coming up for the rest of the year?

“Filming season 11 right now of Carnival Eats. I know season ten is going to be premiering in early 2025 in Canada, so we’re already at it. Then the hope is we’re going to go into season two of Best Bites this summer. And when I’m not doing those, I’m just spending time with my kiddo, soaking it in. She’s at a magical age right now. Seeing the world through her eyes, getting those little conversations. It’s my new favourite thing. So, when I’m not working, I’m being a dad.”

Anything else you want to share with our Canadian audience?

“More than anything, I just want to say thank you. I’m so cognizant of the fact that I get to make these shows because you watch them. We work so hard, we shoot this stuff, and it gets sent out into the darkness. I’m not there in people’s living rooms where it lands. I’m not there when they have a moment, watching it with family or whatever the stories I’ve heard. So, to whoever’s [watching], I appreciate your support. And if you keep wanting me to eat deep-fried Twinkies, I’ll do it.”

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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