Noah Cappe Answers a Carnival Themed This or That

If there is one thing that Carnival Eats host Noah Cappe is an expert at… it’s carnival food. So when we caught up with him at the Carnival Eats CNE trailer we knew we had to ask him some very important this or that questions. Read on for all of his expert opinions.


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Funnel cake or deep fried mars bar?

“I mean look… the funnel cake is an OG. It’s a pillar! It’s one of the founding foods of the fair… I gotta go funnel cake.”

Ferris wheel or rollercoaster?

“I guess it depends on what I ate before that. Ferris wheel if I’ve had a ton… rollercoaster if I’m just easing into the day.”

Burger or hot dog?

“I mean… come on. If you know this show you know we’re laying that hot dog on top of the burger… both!

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Pickle cotton candy or pickle fries?

“You know the pickle thing isn’t my most favourite so this is a tough one. I’m gonna go pickle fries.”

Thanksgiving poutine or poutine pizza?

“I love Thanksgiving. The family, the arguments, the stress… getting seated at the end of the table for dramatic purposes. But I’m gonna go… pizza.”

Cotton candy funnel cake or butter tart funnel cake?

“I know what you’re doing here… these are the Carnival Eats food truck favourites. I’m not picking one of those!”

Street corn ice cream or cheeseburger ice cream?

“Why haven’t we done that on the show? I wanna eat those right now!”