Our Honest Review of Chatime’s New Sakura Bloom Spring Drinks

Chatime Sakura Bloom

If your guilty pleasure is treating yourself to bubble tea, then we’ve got great news for you. Chatime announced the launch of its new spring drinks, the Sakura Bloom seasonal bubble fruit teas, just in time for the Cherry Blossom season!


Sakura season in Japan symbolizes new beginnings and a reminder that when the snow melts, spring will come again. It’s a great time to sit by the blooming trees and enjoy nature with your loved ones.

We got to try Chatime’s new spring bubble teas, so read on for everything you need to know about the Sakura Bloom drinks and our honest review.

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What are the new Chatime Sakura Bloom Flavours?

Chatime Sakura Bloom beverages


Chatime’s two new flavours are Sakura White Peach Green Tea with Real Peach Bits and Sakura Lychee Juice with Real Lychee Bits. Both beverages feature real fruit, which makes them satisfyingly delicious and crunchy.

The Sakura White Peach Green Tea features their signature green tea with hints of white peach infused with Sakura essence, topped with real peach bits. The Sakura Lychee Juice is a caffeine-free lychee fruit juice with sakura essence and real lychee bits sprinkled on top. Overall, Chatime’s spring beverages have floral notes and are quite refreshing.

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Sakura White Peach Green Tea Review

The Sakura White Peach Green Tea from Chatime is delightfully refreshing. Each sip is reminiscent of their signature green tea, with a hint of the sakura infusion making it pleasantly sweet— but not too sweet. The colours also resemble a sunset, which is exactly how it feels to be enjoying this drink. It’s the perfect tea to welcome in the spring season.

Sakura Lychee Juice Review

Chatime’s Sakura Lychee Juice is caffeine-free and consists of a delicious blend of lychee juice and their signature sakura essence. The flavour profile actually tastes exactly like a snack we used to have quite often as children — lychee jelly. It’s the perfect drink for someone looking for a sip of something juicy and fruity to enjoy as the weather warms up. Like the Sakura White Peach Green Tea, the colours of this drink also resemble a sunset, getting us ready for warmer days ahead.

How long are the Chatime Sakura Bloom drinks available?

The Sakura Bloom drinks are available until May 20th at participating Chatime locations across Ontario and British Columbia.


How much are the Chatime Sakura Bloom drinks?

A regular-sized drink costs around $5.90, and a large-sized drink costs $6.60. For $9, you can grab a large Sakura Bloom drink with a macaron.