Our Honest Review of Popeyes New Buffalo-Flavoured Menu Items

Popeyes new Buffalo-flavoured menu items

For all of winter, our taste buds have been craving something red, hot and spicy to remind us summer is on its way. Thankfully, Popeyes has launched its new Buffalo-flavoured menu items to usher in the warmer weather. This flavourful lineup features the new Crispy Chicken Wrap and Loaded Buffalo Poutine. Read on to learn more about Popeyes’ Buffalo-flavoured menu items and our honest review.


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What are the Popeyes’ Buffalo-flavoured menu items?

“Canadians are not shy about flavour, and so we’re thrilled to offer them a new way to spice things up at lunch and dinner with the big, bold taste of Buffalo,” says Rob Manuel, General Manager, Popeyes Canada. This new take on the Crispy Chicken Wrap brings bold new flavours to the classic item. Additionally, the Loaded Buffalo Poutine is a fun spin on a Canadian classic — only available in Canada and for a limited time!


How does the Crispy Chicken Wrap taste?

What we can say for certain about the Crispy Chicken Wrap is that it is definitely crispy. Filled with delicious Popeyes chicken pieces, you’ll surely get the flavour of classic Popeyes chicken in every bite. The wrap is also filled with tomato, lettuce and a Buffalo sauce. While we do appreciate the inclusion of the Buffalo sauce, we were hoping to taste a little more “boldness” in flavour. We suggest opting for the spicy version — that way, you can experience more flavour in the same wrap you know and love. 


How does the Loaded Buffalo Poutine Taste?

We have tried many poutine in our time — c’mon, we’re Food Network Canada! So when we heard that there was a Loaded Buffalo Poutine, we had to weigh in. To our surprise, this poutine perfectly balanced the classic flavour of poutine (gravy and cheese curds) with a bold and spicy Buffalo sauce. We loved the inclusion of Popeyes chicken pieces — it added that extra crunch we so love in any comfort dish. We would absolutely recommend trying this if you’re a fan of Popeyes chicken and poutine.

How much are the new menu items?

Both the Crispy Chicken Wrap and Loaded Buffalo Poutine are priced at $8 per serving online or in-store.

Where can I get the Popeyes Buffalo-flavoured menu items?

You can purchase the new Buffalo-flavoured menu items at any Popeyes store across Canada or via any food delivery app offering Popeyes. These menu items are available for a limited time, so be sure to try them before they’re gone!