How to Make Any Pan Nonstick With the Viral Parchment Paper Hack

2 pieces of salmon on parchment paper

We love the sleek look and feel of a stainless steel pan, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that they can be trickier to use, especially when it comes to food sticking on while cooking. That is, until we discovered the latest TikTok hack that makes cooking with stainless steel pans a breeze. By simply placing an oiled sheet of parchment paper directly on the pan and then cooking overtop, you can achieve the perfect delicate sear with none of the mess. Read on for everything to know about this viral TikTok parchment paper hack.


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How does the TikTok parchment paper hack work?

Parchment paper is coated with a thin layer of silicone on each side, which is why it’s so great for non-stick purposes when baking. This hack applies that same idea to cooking! Similar to a silicone baking mat that you might use while baking your favourite batch of cookies, placing a sheet of parchment paper directly between your pan and the food you’re cooking will essentially create a temporary nonstick coating on the pan that’s thin enough to still achieve the perfect quick sear, but thick enough to avoid any sticking.

What is the secret to the TikTok parchment paper hack?

Be sure to keep the parchment paper as flat and smooth as possible — any creases will disturb the nonstick surface you’re trying to create.

Is the TikTok parchment paper hack safe?

Yes, up to certain temperatures. Most parchment paper is designed to be heat-proof up to 425°F, so be mindful of how hot your pan is getting.

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Should I use the TikTok parchment paper hack on a nonstick pan?

No, this hack is designed specifically for pans without a nonstick coating. It’s unnecessary to use it on a nonstick pan.

What can I make using the TikTok parchment paper hack?

Anything that’s delicate or burns easily. Many TikTok users are using the hack to achieve the perfect crispy salmon skin, but you could also use it to make fried eggs with extra crispy, lacy edges, okonomiyaki loaded with toppings, or extra crispy French toast. The options are endless!

How do you use the TikTok parchment paper hack?

Cut a piece of parchment paper roughly to the size of what you’re cooking, ensuring it’s small enough to lay flat at the bottom of the pan. Bring a pan to medium heat, then coat with oil. Place parchment in the pan, and then flip over to ensure that both sides of the parchment paper are coated with oil. Cook over top of the parchment paper until desired doneness is achieved.

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