New York’s Famous Prince Street Pizza is Now Open in Toronto

Four slices of square Detroit-style pizza from Prince Street Pizza in New York
Photo by Emma Leventer

Are you ready for a slice of the good life? Famed American pizza joint, Prince Street Pizza has just landed in Toronto and we got the first bite of some of their delicious eats. If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’ve probably heard someone in Manhattan raving about Prince Street Pizza. First opening in 2012, PSP (for short) has received tons of critical acclaim from visiting foodies across the world. There are even multiple locations across the United States, with Toronto being the first Canadian spot.


The delicious family recipe is centred around one simple idea, “if you can put it on pasta, you can put it on pizza.” That sentiment reigns true as many of their slices are callbacks to our favourite pastas. Some of the standouts were the Sunset Square (sweet marinara with mozzarella) and the Spicy Spring (their fan-favourite spiced pepperoni). Read on to learn more about the launch of Prince Street Pizza in Toronto.

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Prince Street Pizza

When does Prince Street Pizza open?

The official public launch is October 26, 2023. Be sure to get there early as the hype is strong for this new location.

Where is Prince Street Pizza located in Toronto?

It is located at 472 Front Street West at the Well building off of Spadina Avenue.

How do I order Prince Street Pizza?

Prince Street Pizza Toronto is open at 11:00AM to 11:00PM, seven days a week. Torontonians can visit in-person at The Well, or order for pick-up or delivery online. Pick-up and delivery will be available through UberEats starting mid-November.

How many locations of Prince Street Pizza are there?

There are 10 locations: nine in the United States and the first ever location in Toronto.

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What does Prince Street Pizza taste like?

While we didn’t have enough space in our stomach to try all of the pizzas Prince Street Pizza offers, we did get to be some of the first to try the most popular ones. There were a ton of different options that varied from hot and spicy, to sweet and herbaceous. We opted to try the Spicy Spring, Spicy Vodka, The Sunset Square and Mercer Margarita.

Spicy Spring 

Upon first glance, this pizza looks absolutely delicious. The aromatics and steam coming off the pizza were making our jaws drop. The pizza itself is a take on classic pepperoni pizza — with a kick! As their most famous pizza on the menu, its no wonder fans of Prince Street Pizza keep coming back for a slice of this pie.

Spicy Vodka 

This pizza was wild — and by that we mean delicious. The vodka sauce layered perfectly over the thick crust for an all-around tasty experience. If you’re a fan of penne alla vodka, you’re going to love this.


The Sunset Square

Without question, this was out favourite from the bunch. Though simple by design, this pizza packed so much flavour — with the star being the sweet marinara sauce. We definitely be going back for seconds (and thirds).

Mercer Margherita 

If you thought a Margherita pizza was boring, think again. This tasty rendition on a classic Margherita pizza was so fresh and flavourful. The pizza itself featured Prince Street’s signature pizza sauce, with Pecorino Romano and topped with fresh basil. We will be circling back for this one.

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