Kitchen Tips and Must Haves with Chef Tre Sanderson

Do you want to cook like a Food Network Canada Chef in the kitchen? Are you looking for some new kitchen gear to take your cooking to the next level? We chatted with Chef Tre Sanderson, who gave us a look into cooking like a Food Network Canada Chef.


What is your go to brand of cookware?

I really love All-CLAD – the quality is the best & feels like it’s built to last forever!

You’re stranded on a desert island, which item from this prize list do you bring and why?

Definitely the [Zwilling] knife block – [it has] all the essential blades for anything you’ll need to chop or forage.

What are your thoughts on the air fryer?
It’s great for healthy eating! It works just as well as your typical fryer without the big oil mess. My favourite thing to make in the air fryer has to be chicken! It gets just as crispy as if you’ve fried it in your typical oil fryer! 

Where do you get your kitchen seasoning?

Any international grocery store. Caribbean Corner in Kensington Market is a personal favourite.

My top three seasonings are all-purpose seasoning, ground thyme, and ground black peppercorns! These can each go a long way & are great flavours for your dinner starter pack! 

Time for a quickfire round!
Food processor or blender? Blender!
Wood or plastic cutting board? Wood!
Cast iron or enamel ware? Cast iron!
Apron or towel off shoulder? Apron!
Stand mixer or hand mixer? Stand mixer!

What are your favourite kitchen utensils or tools?

I love my offset spatula & spoons. I [use] my offset spatula to transfer ingredients to the plate, but [it] also can be used for a lot of different techniques. It’s a very simple, but versatile tool. Spoons are probably the most versatile piece of equipment in the kitchen. You can utilize them in so many different ways – whether to baste, to taste & of course, to plate.

What are your three must haves in your mise en place?

  1. Kosher Salt – An essential! It’s always by my side in the kitchen, because it enhances the ingredients you are cooking with!
  2. Scale – Scales are so important. It an easy way to measure out ingredients for your favourite recipes!
  3. Mixing Bowls – I use mixing bowls for throwing my mise en place into, as well keeping organized throughout my preparations of recipes!

What are your 3 must have kitchen knives and why?

  1. Chef Knife – perfect for the majority of chopping and everyday prep.
  2. Paring Knife – great for small things like peeling onions or for finer detail work.
  3. Serrated Knife – This knife is a perfect tool for when you need to cut through your freshly baked bread!

What is your favourite burner to cook on and why is it the lower right one?
MMM I’d definitely have to go with the lower right – it’s right by my side and easy to access!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to help someone get started on their cooking journey?
Learning is all about trial and error. Never stay comfortable and always challenge yourself in as many ways as you can. Becoming a chef is a marathon not a race so don’t be scared to make mistakes along the way!

What is the simplest piece of kitchen advice you can give?

Just Have Fun.

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