Surrey, BC Named One of the World’s Next Great Food Cities

Surrey, BC landscape

For once, a Canadian city that isn’t Montreal or Toronto is being recognized as a must-see food city. Surrey, British Columbia, best known for its picturesque landscape, has been named one of the world’s best emerging food cities by Food & Wine Magazine. In the 2023 issue, Food & Wine noted the city’s “unparalleled” cultural diversity, noting that Surrey is “home to one of the largest Indian populations in Canada, interwoven with immigrants from Africa, other parts of Asia, and beyond, and that diversity is reflected in the city’s rich food culture.”


As British Columbia’s fastest growing city, Surrey stands alongside other tourist hotspots on the list. According to Food & Wine, other great emerging cities include Puebla, Mexico, Marseille, France and La Paz, Bolivia to name a few. It’s important to note that Surrey is the only Canadian city on the list with the least global notoriety by comparison. Despite this, Surrey has been able to carve a place for itself amongst the more frequently recognized Canadian food cities like Toronto.

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Surrey BC


Surrey’s food scene

  • My ShantiCreated by celebrity chef Vikram Vij, this restaurant pays homage to Vikram’s travels in India.
  • Chacha’s Tandoor & GrillUnique and traditional dishes inspired by the popular food scene in Delhi, India.
  • CloveIndian fine dining restaurant with innovative cocktails and luxurious libations.
  • Afghan Kitchen A delicious Afghani restaurant using traditional cooking methods and generations-old recipes.
  • Guacamole Mexican Grill Mexican restaurant serving up delicious classics from across Mexico.