Tiffany Derry Shares Her Three Best Triple Threat Tips

Competing against a fellow professional chef for three rounds in the kitchen is a tough task. But that’s the job the titans have each week on Bobby’s Triple Threat. Even though chefs Brooke Williamson, Michael Voltaggio and Tiffany Derry make it look easy, they too can overthink things in the kitchen.


That’s why Derry is sharing her top 3 triple threat tips. Watch the videos below to get her advice on what it takes to win this competition, all while creating delicious dishes that speak to you.

Be True To Yourself

Derry’s self-proclaimed style is “Southern Goes Global.” That’s because this chef loves cooking southern food that speaks to her heart. However, she also wants to incorporate all of the delicious elements other types of cuisine have to offer.

In the video above, Derry explains how she travelled for the first time when she was 20 years old. She went to France, where suddenly she was exposed to a whole new world and culture. “I made a vow to myself to get out of the country once a year,” she explains.

Derry has remained true to that vow and is now a bona fide traveller. She takes classes or gathers expert advice every time she goes somewhere new and eats her way through each destination. Then, she brings that advice back home to her own kitchen.

“Be confident and that confidence will come through on the plate,” she says.

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Use a Global Pantry

There is a world of flavour out there beyond salt and garlic, and Derry advises cooks and aspiring chefs to stock their pantries accordingly. Go outside your comfort zone and experiment with new flavours from other parts of the world. Not only will your creations benefit from these new infusions, but you may find your creativity soaring, too.

In the video above, Derry shares some of her absolute favourite pantry staples:

  • An amazing bottle of olive oil
  • Various vinegar to perk up a dish
  • Green seasoning to add instant flavour
  • Chickpeas to beef up sauces or soups
  • Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce to add a rich, smoky flavour
  • Jerk seasoning for spice
  • Hot cherry peppers for a touch of pickled spice
  • Maple syrup for real sweetener
  • Tajin for a dry chili lime flavour
  • Sichuan peppercorns to finish
  • Preserved lemons to boost sauces
  • Mostarda to add flavour to cheese boards or salads
  • Harissa for a spicy and sweet Mediterranean boost
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    Create Something You Love

    The best way to create something delicious is to make food you love. One of Derry’s favourite dishes growing up was fried green tomatoes, something she’s elevated and still turns to when she wants a bit of comfort.

    In the video above, Derry explains how she constructs her fried green tomatoes. Not only does she fry up thick slices of green tomatoes, but she tops them with a crab ravigote sauce and a homemade corn-and-radish pico de gallo. Then, she makes a traditional remoulade to tie it all together and make her plate pop.

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