We Rank the Tim Hortons Baileys Drinks From Best to Worst

Tim Hortons Baileys Drinks
Tim Hortons

Just in time for the holidays, Tim Hortons has launched their new drinks menu in collaboration with Baileys, which is exclusively available in Canada. Read on for everything to know, plus our honest review and ranking of the beverages.


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What are the Tim Hortons Baileys drinks?

Included in the lineup of Tim Hortons Baileys beverages are: the Baileys Cream Coffee, Baileys Latte, Baileys Cold Brew with Baileys Flavoured Infused Foam and Baileys Iced Capp.

Does Tim Hortons Baileys have alcohol?

No, all of the Tim Hortons Baileys drinks are non-alcoholic.

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Where can I find the Tim Hortons Baileys drinks?

The Tim Hortons Baileys drinks are now available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and can be ordered for delivery through the Tim Hortons app.

How much are the Tim Hortons Baileys drinks?

Depending on your size and region, a medium size of the Baileys Cream Coffee is $2.79, the Baileys Cold Brew with Baileys Flavoured Foam is $3.99, and both the Baileys Latte and Baileys Iced Capp are $4.29.

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What do the Tim Hortons Baileys drinks taste like?

Overall, these drinks are sweet, and they do have that signature Baileys flavour that we’re familiar with. Truthfully, there is something a bit peculiar about sipping on a Baileys-flavoured beverage early in the morning because the association of that flavour with alcohol is so strong. We did have to do some mental gymnastics to remind ourselves that we were not, in fact, drinking something alcoholic on our morning commute. Read on for our honest ranking of the beverages.

1. Baileys Cold Brew with Baileys Flavoured Infused Cold Foam

This was our favourite drink of the bunch. Tim Hortons has steadily been upping their cold drinks game, and their cold brews and cold foams are proof. This iteration features just the right amount of Baileys flavour without being too sweet. If you only try one drink from the new Tim Hortons and Baileys collaboration, this is our pick.

2. Baileys Latte

This comforting hot beverage just felt right. Baileys and coffee are a tried and true pairing, but this interpretation takes it up a notch by combining the flavours of Baileys with Tims espresso, a layer of whipped topping and a dusting of cocoa powder. It’s an elevated interpretation that hits all the right notes.

3. Baileys Iced Capp

To call this drink sweet is an understatement. Truthfully, after a few sips of this bevy, we couldn’t handle any more. The flavours of Baileys did work with the Iced Capp, but it was hard to get past the sugar overload. If you have a major sweet tooth, you might enjoy this one, but to us, a classic Iced Capp is Canadiana perfection, and this iteration misses the mark.


4. Baileys Cream Coffee

The most underwhelming of the bunch, this drink is essentially a classic Tims coffee with a generous pump of Bailey’s-flavoured sweetener. It’s a fun twist on your classic Double Double or Regular coffee order, but not necessarily an improvement.

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