We Rank the Latest Tim Hortons Ice Cream Flavours From Best to Worst

Tim Hortons Ice Cream
Tim Hortons

Ice cream lovers rejoice: Tim Hortons just announced four new additions to their ice cream lineup: Boston Cream, Double Double, Maple Crunch and Campfire S’mores. These new flavours are in addition to the five flavours they launched last year: Salted Caramel Iced Capp, Double Chocolate Donut, Birthday Cake Timbits, Apple Fritter, and Fruit Explosion.

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Like their other ice cream flavours, these new Tim Hortons ice cream flavours are made in Canada with 100% Canadian dairy in partnership with the Tillsonburg, Ontario-based ice cream producer Shaw’s and retail for about $5.99 per pint, depending on your province.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that unlike their previous ice cream flavours which were more “inspired by” iconic Tim Hortons beloved flavours, these new flavours managed to really capture the Tim Hortons flavours we know and love. Read on for our honest review and ranking.

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Tim Hortons Maple Crunch Ice Cream

Tim Hortons

1. Maple Crunch Ice Cream

This flavour was love at first lick. As longtime fans of Tim Horton’s Maple Dip donuts, this ice cream flavour manages to capture the very distinct flavour of a Tim Horton’s Maple Dip Donut. Frankly, it’s uncanny and wildly delicious. The swirls of maple ripple and crunchy maple-flavoured flakes add a textural richness that’s equal parts satisfying and interesting. If you’re a fan of maple, this one is an easy add-to-cart.

Tim Hortons Campfire S'mores Ice Cream

Tim Hortons

2. Campfire S’mores

This flavour gives us the warm fuzzies: it conjures up sweet memories of Canadian summers spent around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Texturally, it has the most to offer of all the new ice creams, with a toasted marshmallow ice cream base that’s swirled with chocolate ripple, chocolate chunks and crushed Graham crumbs. The best part is that 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this ice cream flavour will be donated to Tim Hortons Foundation Camps to support youth from underserved communities, so not only does it taste good, it does good too.

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Tim Hortons Boston Cream Ice Cream

Tim Hortons

3. Boston Cream

Similar to the Maple Crunch, this ice cream flavour manages to really capture the distinct flavour of Tim Horton’s Boston Cream donut filling. It’s custardy in all the right ways, and lends itself well to the ice cream format. That said, while the ice cream is advertised as including swirls of chocolate fudge ripple and bites of donut-style pieces, the fudge wasn’t quite strong enough to be noticeable and the donut-style pieces were nowhere to be found, so overall it didn’t quite deliver on the Boston Cream donut flavours we know and love.

Tim Hortons Double Double Ice Cream

Tim Hortons

4. Double Double

This flavour is perfectly fine, but just not really anything special, especially compared to the others. It’s a standard coffee ice cream, and while delicious, tastes pretty much like every other coffee ice cream we’ve had before. Considering that a “Double Double” is a Tim Horton’s trademark (literally), we would have hoped they’d add a little something more to this iconic flavour to make it stand out.

Tim Hortons Ice Cream is available at grocery stores across Canada, including at Co-Op, Loblaws (Maxi, No-Frills, Real Canadian Super Store, Provigo, Loblaws Great Food, Fortinos and Your Independent Grocery), Longo’s, Metro (Ontario), Sobeys/Safeway and Walmart.

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