Our Honest Review of Tim Hortons Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich 

The new Tim Hortons Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich, a hashbrown and the BELT on an everything bagel.

There is almost nothing better in the morning than a delicious breakfast sandwich. Especially if that breakfast sandwich comes from Tim Hortons. The Canadian favourite chain has added a new breakfast sandwich to their roster and it features a familiar flavour — everything bagel seasoning. Earlier this week, Tim Hortons announced the new Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich. Read on for everything you need to know about the new bite, plus our honest review. 

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What is the Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich?

The new Tim Hortons Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich features a buttery croissant topped with Tims Everything Seasoning, a fresh cracked egg, bacon or sausage, and a slice of cheese. You can also revisit a classic by getting your BELT on an everything bagel.

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Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Review

We got the Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich with sausage and our first thought was that it was a little greasy, however that was probably due to the sausage. As for the sandwich itself, we were pleasantly surprised with how tasty it was. The everything seasoning doesn’t fall off the croissant easily which is great because that is often a downside of eating an everything bagel. The croissant itself is nice and soft but still has a little crispiness to it which makes for a subtle crunch. There is no sauce on the sandwich which lets the flavour of the egg, cheese and croissant come through and doesn’t cause the sandwich to become soggy. Overall we were pleased with this sandwich and think it could become a favourite whenever we visit Tim Hortons. 

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The new Everything Croissant Breakfast Sandwich is available in Tim Hortons restaurants and through mobile order or delivery on the Tims app. It retails for $5.29, prices vary by region.