Our Honest Review of the New Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap

Wendy's breakfast wrap bacon

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what better way to start off your mornings with Wendy’s new breakfast wraps. After the success of their breakfast menu introduced in Canada in 2022, which includes this year’s Egg BLT, Wendy’s recently announced the newest addition to their newer and better breakfast menu. Whether you’re on the go or have some time to savour every bite, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our honest review, plus everything you need to know. 

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What is the new Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap?

The breakfast wrap is the newest addition to Wendy’s better breakfast menu. It consists of a warm eight-inch tortilla featuring Wendy’s crispy seasoned potatoes, a freshly cracked grade A Canadian egg, a slice of cheddar cheese, their savoury mayo sauce and your choice of Applewood smoked bacon or sausage. 

What does the new Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap taste like?

We got to try both breakfast wraps. First up, the Applewood bacon option fits the bill on a standard yet delicious breakfast wrap. The crispy potato is a pleasant touch we didn’t know we needed. The wrap itself is not greasy or oily which we definitely appreciate so you can easily hold it without worrying if your hands will get dirty. The Applewood bacon is crispy and tasty and balances the egg and melted cheese perfectly. If we can comment on one thing, we would like more bacon — the more bacon the better in our opinion.

As for the sausage wrap, it will definitely satisfy your sausage and breakfast cravings. Again, the potato is the perfect touch and we enjoyed the egg with cheese, but the sausage with the savoury mayo together packs a bit too much of an overpowering punch. 

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What other options does the new Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap come in?

You can order the breakfast wraps with your choice of freshly cooked Applewood smoked bacon or sausage. 

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How much is the Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap?

The new Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap retails for around $4.49 (prices may vary per region). To celebrate this launch, Wendy’s is offering a “Buy One, Get One for $1” in-app offer on Breakfast Wraps from now until September 3, 2023.   

How can I order the Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap?

The Wendy’s Breakfast Wrap is now available during breakfast hours on Wendy’s mobile app, at participating Wendy’s restaurants across Canada or through delivery from Uber Eats, DoorDash or SkipTheDishes. Delivery availability and providers may vary by location.