Top Chef World All-Stars — Here’s Who We Want On The Next Season


If we’ve learned anything from the season 20 of Top Chef World All-Stars, it’s that there are some seriously talented chefs in this world. The season invited some of the best Top Chef competitors from around the globe to cook it out for a world title, and these chefs have been impressive from start to finish.


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So much so that we hope another global edition of the show is on the way. We also have some ideas about who would be excellent on a Top Chef World All-Stars cast. From memorable Top Chef Canada contestants to a couple of notable Americans and two international selections, read on to see who we think could cut it as a Top Chef all-star.

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Dustin Gallagher, Top Chef Canada Season 1 and Season 5 (all-stars)

Dustin is just as known for his fast smile as he is for his delicious plates, which he currently serves up at Toronto’s 416 Snack Bar. We also think he’d be a great addition to Top Chef: World All-Stars thanks to his experience and easy-going personality. The chef came in fourth place his first time on the show, but he was runner-up to All-Star winner Nicole Gomes. Considering he keeps improving his game, we’d love to see what he could do on a world stage.

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Mark Singson, Top Chef Canada Season 6

The runner-up to Ross Larkin on his season, Mark had some major ups and downs as the episodes progressed. Still, he held his own and improved as the nerves started to disappear, even winning the final Elimination Challenge before the finale. These days the Vancouver chef creates unique pop-up dinners through his company, FAM Inc., and with all of that experience, we’d love to see him take a shot at the world title.

Top Chef Canada Winner Rene Rodriguez

Food Network Canada

Rene Rodriguez, Top Chef Canada Season 4

This Ottawa chef played a slow but steady game during his time in the competition, eventually dazzling the judges in his final cook and beating out Terry Salmond and Rich Francis. Since then, Rene has gone on to Beat Bobby Flay and participated in Iron Chef Canada. So we’d be curious to see how that extra experience could play out as part of the cast of Top Chef: World All-Stars.

Trevor Bird, Top Chef Canada Season 2 and Season 5 (all-stars)

The runner-up on his initial season and the third runner-up on Canada’s lonesome all-star season, Trevor has proved he’s hungry for a win. The problem is that he keeps getting to the finale and then stumbling. But they say the third time’s a charm, so why not test that theory out in the All-Stars World Kitchen? Given that Trevor has since retired from cooking, it probably won’t happen, but we can still dream!

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Wallace Wong, Top Chef Canada Season 7

Wallace, or the Six Pack Chef, was a highlight in his season, only coming in the bottom twice before his pre-finale elimination. Since then, he’s amassed an impressive social media following (check out his awesome knife skills) while refining his on-camera “foodmanship” via series like Fridge Wars, Chopped Canada and Bake It Possible. Now, we’d love to see a redemption arc from this personality, especially on a world stage.

Trevane “Tre” Sanderson, Top Chef Canada Season 10

The latest Top Chef Canada winner, Tre impressed the judges with his unique Jamaican flavours and style, making each and every dish his own. Those talents would be impressive to watch on a world stage against other top-notch competitors, making him an obvious pick and someone who could inspire others along the way.

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Shota Nakajima, Top Chef: Portland

Although Shota didn’t win his season of Top Chef, he was among the three finalists. He was also voted the season’s fan favourite, and many were surprised when he didn’t show up on the cast of Top Chef: World All-Stars. So why not change that by including him in a potential second season? We’d love to see how his Japanese-American style of cooking compares on that stage—something tells us he’d be the one to beat!

Gregory Gourdet, Top Chef: Boston, Top Chef: All-Stars L.A.

Gregory was a runner-up on his initial Top Chef season, and he placed fifth in all-stars. Since then, he’s also been a regular guest judge on the franchise and has even popped up in other franchises, like Iron Chef. It would be great to see the personality behind the stove again, especially if he got to showcase more of his Haitian heritage through his plates.

Louise Bourrat, Top Chef France Season 13

This French-Portuguese chef stood out during her season for her unique flavour combos and overall versatility. She’s also still under 30 years old, which makes her extra hungry to prove herself at that next level. We’d love to see how some of her dishes (like a garlic and black miso ice cream) would fare against global competitors and how she might change minds on what it means to be a French chef.

Arttasit Pattanasatienku, Top Chef Thailand

The most recent winner of the Thai adaptation, Arttasit injected French cuisine into his plates in a new and exciting way that thrilled the judges and catapulted him to the top. His young energy and creative mind are only matched by his kitchen skills, and we think it’s about time the rest of the world saw this chef genius at work, too.