Our Honest Review of the Zwilling Sous Vide Set


If there’s one thing we’ve learned when working in the kitchen, it’s to never limit yourself on developing your cooking skills. Our creators have mastered cooking styles from grilling to baking avant-garde cakes. One lesser known method that’s been taking TikTok by storm as of late: sous vide.


If you’re unfamiliar, sous vide is a cooking method coined by a couple French chefs in the ’70s in which food is encased in a heat-resistant bag and cooked over a pot of temperature controlled water. Though this method might be unconventional, we set out to investigate it by testing out Zwilling’s sous vide set. Known for it’s craftmanship in kitchen tools, Zwilling has introduced a sous vide set that they claim will save you food, time and money. Read on to learn more about Zwilling’s sous vide set, plus our honest review.

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What comes in the Zwilling Sous Vide Set?

The 8-piece set includes a Zwilling Enfinigy sous vide stick, Zwilling Fresh & Save vacuum pump, 3 small vacuum bags and 3 medium vacuum bags. According to Zwilling, this set can store food five times longer than normal packaging, in addition to reducing plastic waste. This set typically retails for $310 but is currently on sale for $250 and can be purchased on Zwilling’s website.

Here are some questions you might be asking yourself before making this kind of investment:

What is the advantage of cooking sous vide?

Whether you’re cooking meat or fish, the sous vide method is able to consistently cook your proteins to perfection.

Is sous vide cooking healthier?

In many ways, yes! By cooking the protein in its own juices, the need for additional salt is not required as the protein has more time to be infused with the seasoning. Cooking sous vide is also said to retain more of nutrients and vitamins.

What are the disadvantages of cooking sous vide?

It is quite time consuming, with average cooking times of around an hour.

Do I need special equipment to cook sous vide?

Typically yes. The Zwilling sous vide set offers a heat pump and vacuum seal. Other home cooks occasionally use store-bought plastic bags — however there can be adverse risks to that method, as not all plastic bags are heat resistant and can secrete harmful materials when exposed to high temperatures.

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Things We Loved About the Zwilling Sous Vide Set

Enhanced flavours

The thing we love most about cooking sous vide is the way we’re able to capture all the flavours of our protein and seasonings compared to other cooking methods. Similar to slow cooking in a crockpot, sous vide gently integrates the flavours of whatever seasonings and fats you’re working with. The vacuum sealed packaging makes it really easy to ensure all the ingredients are locked in — which makes for a better end result.

Waste-free cooking

One of our biggest pet peeves is unnecessary food waste. Whether that be through improper storage or excess materials, we can’t stand throwing away good food. What makes this sous vide set so great is that you don’t have to waste food. The reusable packaging and airtight bags makes storing cooked food last so much longer than the average Tupperware. As a result, there isn’t any need to worry about throwing away leftover meat or fish that’s been in the fridge for a couple days.


If you’re a busy bee and always multitasking, the sous vide set makes doing that very efficient. The Zwilling sous vide stick automatically controls the temperature of your water while it hooks comfortably on the side of your pot. The timer is also a helpful tool that helps manages how long you’re cooking the meat while you attend to other things. We loved that we could go watch a movie or work on developing new recipes while the food cooked perfectly.

Things we didn’t love about the Zwilling Sous Vide Set

Confusing instructions

The instruction manual, though very thorough, left us scratching our head at some points. For us, the icons on the sous vide stick and what the instructions were saying to do were a tad confusing. For example, there were multiple times we followed the instructions to the letter, but the function on the sous vide stick didn’t follow through with the cooking time. It took us quite a few tries, button mashing and a little over a half hour but we finally got it to work the way we needed it to.

Price point

The sous vide set is not cheap by any means. The quality is top tier, so you get what you’re paying for in a sense. However, if sous vide is not your preferred method of cooking, we don’t think a $310 price tag is entirely worth the investment.


Final thoughts

Though a bit complicated off the jump, we did love the sous vide set in the end. The sleek design and high-quality technology made falling in love with this luxury item all the more easy. As foodies, we love pushing ourselves to learn new cooking styles. That being said, sous vide is a slightly more methodical and intensive way of cooking food. So if you’re not the adventurous type or looking to become a gourmet home cook, this likely isn’t a necessary purchase. We can, however, guarantee that if you’re willing to make the investment and expand your culinary prowess, you won’t be disappointed with the Zwilling sous vide set.

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