Holiday Shopping Tips

The holiday grocery run can leave the best of us seeking refuge in a dark corner of the produce aisle. The hosts of ET Canada and The Morning Show perform under pressure every day, but even they were feeling the heat when asked to participate in The Ultimate Cook-Off for $10,000 going to the winning team’s charity of choice. Tune in to ET Canada tonight to see the teams hit the grocery store for a high-stakes holiday ingredient grab; 15 minutes, $100 dollars and everything they need to make a three-course holiday feast for judges Lynn Crawford and Roger Mooking!

We won’t spoil any of the fun, but we plucked three top tips from the hosts’ shopping experience that will help slash the stress from your holiday hosting shop.

1. Buy quality ingredients

What’s a winning dish without winning ingredients? If you want your dishes to shine, identify the best place to get the things you need ahead of time to prevent you from making unanticipated additional stops amidst the rush.

2. Have an organized shopping list

Keep your eye on the prize. Having a master list of ingredients for all your holiday cooking divided by grocery store section will save your time and sanity.

3. Navigate the store like a pro

Being familiar with a grocery store’s layout can be invaluable when fighting the crowds. Don’t venture into new territory; stick with the aisles you know and can fly through with ease.