For those always on the cutting edge of food trends and willing to give just about anything a whirl.

Gift-Ideas for the Gourmand

1. Olive Oil

When The Barefoot Contessa’s Ina Garten recommends an olive oil, you don’t walk, you run out and it make it yours immediately.

Olio Santo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $37. Available at Williams-Sonoma.

2. Soup It Up

Winter in Canada should officially be called Soup Season. More than just an afterthought, this beautiful soup tureen does soup the justice it deserves as a main.

Point Duchess Tureen. $128. Available at Anthropologie.

3. Out of Africa

The cone shape of the cover helps retains moisture for unrivaled tenderness. Use it for traditional North African tagines and dishes like couscous and rice.

The Tunisian Hand-Painted Mosaic Tagine. $75. Available at Williams-Sonoma.

4. Master Piece

From the oven to the table, this cast-iron plate makes a grand entrance.

Staub Cast Iron Fish Plate with Lid. $163. Available at Williams-Sonoma.

5. Look Sharp

Forged with precision from a single blank of steel, this knife is a must-have for restaurant chefs and serious home cooks alike.

Wusthof Classic Cook’s Knife 6″, $130. Available at Kitchen Heaven.

6. Nice Stash

Chances are the gourmand in your life has a pantry that is generously stocked. These porcelain canisters will keep their stash fresh.

Rhodes Canister. $38. Available at Pottery Barn.

7. Sweet Spice

An easy way to amp up a cheese plate, this sweet and spicy jelly goes great with brie.

Tangerine and red chili jelly. $10. Available at Chapters.

8. Grainy Season

This gourmet set features tongue-tantalizing flavours like Black Hawaiian, Red Hawaiian and Brazilian sea salts. 

Salt Gift Set, $30. Available at Chapters.

9. Espresso Snob

The act of making and drinking espresso is an art form; perfect it with this divine machine meant for the serious caffeine connoisseur.

Breville BREBES870XL The Barista Express Espresso Machine$570. Available at Amazon.ca

10. Chop To It

A kitchen that sees a ton of action desperately needs multiple chopping spots. This one has a built-in waste catcher.

Universal Expert Chopping Station. $79. Available at West Elm.