Deep-Fried Chocolate Bar

  • serves 1

This deep-fried chocolate bar recipe is courtesy of chef James Mckinnon of Dangerous Dan's restaurant.

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Directions for: Deep-Fried Chocolate Bar


1 chocolate bar of choice

vegetable oil

white flour

beer batter (homemade or store bought)

ice cream of choice

chocolate sauce


1. Remove chocolate bar from wrapper. Place the bar on cookie sheet and put in freezer. Freeze bar for approximately 2 hours, or until frozen.

2. Heat vegetable oil in a pot. Using tongs, dip chocolate bar in hot oil.

3. Roll in white flour and then cover in beer batter.

4. Deep fry chocolate bar in hot oil for approximately 1 minute or until golden brown and floating.

5. Using tongs, remove chocolate bar from hot oil.

6. Serve with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

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