The Most Festive Holiday Dessert Board You’ve Ever Seen

A festive holiday dessert board
Prep Time
30 min
1 16-inch dessert board

This cheerful dessert board is the show-stopping centerpiece you need at your next holiday party. Nothing says the holidays like lots of chocolate, gingerbread cookies, candy canes and more chocolate, am I right? Fill your dessert board with all your favourite treats, to make it easy (and less stressful) opt for store-bought cookies, cakes and chocolates you can easily doctor up with sprinkles, frosting and chocolate melts for that festive touch.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to level up your board, add these homemade treats to your dessert board: easy shortbreadchocolate-covered caramel bars, or spicy ginger molasses cookies!



mini chocolate Swiss rolls
container (454 g) chocolate frosting
Handful fresh cranberries
Tbsp sugar
rosemary sprigs, cut into 1-inch pieces
Black decorating gel/icing pen
orange gummies
cup pretzel sticks
cup green chocolate melts
Festive sprinkles
cup white chocolate melts
shortbread cookies
gingerbread cookies
cup yogurt-covered pretzels
Candy canes
small gingerbread house (optional)
Oreo ornaments 6 reindeer cupcakes Handful chocolate roll wafers
chocolate truffles
Handful red and green M&M’s


Step 1

Grab a large circular or rectangular board (like this one!) and set out all your ingredients.

Step 2

For the Chocolate Yule Logs, cover the mini chocolate Swiss rolls with chocolate frosting. With a fork, gently run the tines back and forth to mimic the texture of bark. Roll fresh cranberries in granulated sugar and place three on top of each yule log with a small sprig of rosemary to resemble Christmas holly.

A buche de noel cake cut into three small sections, the one in the middle is iced and decorated
Step 3

For the Marshmallow Snowmen, with a black decorating gel pen, draw two dots for the eyes and five dots for the smile onto a marshmallow. Cut orange gummies into strips to mimic the carrot nose and poke into center of marshmallow.

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Step 4

For the Pretzel Christmas Trees, melt green chocolate melts in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring after each interval until the chocolate has fully melted. Transfer for a piping bag (no tip necessary), cut a very small slit at the tip. Place pretzel sticks, 2 inches apart on a piece of parchment paper. Starting at one end of the pretzel, pipe the chocolate from left to right moving down the stick, gradually moving outwards to resemble evergreen trees. Sprinkle on decorative sprinkles before the chocolate sets.

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Pretzel and chocolate holiday tree snacks
Step 5

Decorate shortbread cookies, gingerbread cookies and yogurt-covered pretzels with colourful chocolate melts and sprinkle on crushed candy canes or sprinkles to make it extra festive.

Step 6

Build your board starting with the bigger pieces first; chocolate yule logs, gingerbread house, Oreo ornaments, reindeer cupcakes, gingerbread and stacked cookies. Then fill in the smaller spaces with the pretzel trees, chocolate roll wafers, chocolate truffles and biscotti. Finally, finish by filling any space with the marshmallow snowmen, yogurt-covered pretzels, red and green M&Ms , candy canes and other delicious confections.


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A plate of holiday sweets like cookies, marshmallow snowmen, covered pretzels and more

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