Great Canadian Caesar Garnishes

Great Canadian Caesar Garnishes
1-4 servings

The Caesar is a refreshing and iconic Canadian beverage that you can customize with these fun regional garnishes.

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East Coast Garnish

lobster tail
cup butter
Juice from 1 lemon

Quebec Garnish

Montreal bagel
slices Montreal smoked meat
tsp Dijon mustard

Ontario Garnish

slice thick bacon
quail egg

Alberta Garnish

Beef jerky
Pickled beans

British Columbia Garnish

Your favourite BC oyster
tsp celery, diced finely
tsp Clamato juice
tsp celery salt
dashes hot sauce


Step 1

In small pot, melt butter and add juice from one lemon.

Step 2

Poach lobster tail for 5–7 mins until done. If making more than one tail, you can poach the lobster tail in the same pot (one at a time).

Step 3

Allow it to cool before skewering.

Step 4

Mix Caesar drink, garnish with rim trim, lobster tail and lemon twist.

Step 5

Cut bagel in half horizontally. Cut each half into quarters.

Step 6

On one quarter, place one slice Montreal smoked meat and 1 tsp Dijon.

Step 7

Top with other half of quarter bagel.

Step 8

Mix Caesar drink, garnish with rim trim, skewer sandwich and serve in drink.

Step 9

Cook bacon on low heat to render fat and allow it to get very crisp without burning.

Step 10

Hard-boil a quail egg (approximately 2.5-3 mins). Remove shell from quail egg, cut in half.

Step 11

Mix Caesar drink, garnish with rim trim. Lay bacon across the top of the glass and place half egg on the bacon.

Step 12

Mix Caesar drink, garnish with rim trim and jerky and beans.

Step 13

Finely dice celery.

Step 14

Shuck the oyster and top with Clamato, celery salt, hot sauce and diced celery.

Step 15

Mix Caesar drink, garnish with rim trim and balance the oyster across glass.

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