The Ultimate Pastrami Burger

  • serves 4

Recipe courtesy of Guerrilla Ultima.

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Directions for: The Ultimate Pastrami Burger


Pastrami Brine

3 Tbsp pickling spice

4 Tbsp pink salt

½ cup kosher salt

2 Tbsp honey

½ cup sugar

8 cups (2 quarts) water

4 (5-oz each) beef patties

The Ultima Pastrami Burger

4 (5-oz each) beef patties

¼ cup ground black pepper

¼ cup ground coriander

4 Tbsp Russian or Thousand Island dressing

8 Tbsp sauerkraut

8 slices marble rye, toasted

8 oz baby Swiss cheese, sliced


Pastrami Brine

1. Combine all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Cool.

2. Place tightly-formed beef patties in cooled brine and allow to sit in refrigerator overnight.

The Ultima Pastrami Burger

1. Remove beef patties from brine (see above), rinse, and pat dry. Mix together black pepper and coriander and rub generously onto beef patties.

2. Place patties in a smoker filled with mesquite wood until an internal temperature of 115ºF is achieved.

3. Alternatively, set metal oven rack to one notch below the middle of the oven, so that is is closer to the bottom. Preheat oven to 250ºF. Line the bottom of a heavy roasting pan with mesquite wood chips that have soaked overnight. Do not stack the wood chips.

4. Pour just enough water to pool in the pan. Place a raised metal rack on top of the bed of chips, ensuring there is ample space between the chips and the rack.

5. Place patties on rack. Cover pan with aluminum foil, making a tent above the meat for smoke to circulate. Make sure all sides are sealed so smoke does not escape.

6. Bake until desired internal temperature (115ºF) is reached, about 3 hours. During cooking, periodically check if to see there is still water in the pan, adding more water as needed; an absence of water will dry out the meat.

7. Place patties on griddle and cook until desire doneness (medium-rare is preferable).

8. While patties are cooking, sauté sauerkraut and Swiss cheese together until cheese melts.

9. Place patties and sauerkraut/cheese mix on toasted marble rye slices. Top with Russian or Thousand Island dressing and enjoy.

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