French Food at Home

French Food at Home

French Food at Home - Episode Guide

Season 3

  • Frenchified

    Episode 26 - Season 3 - October 22, 2015

    Laura Calder takes timeless dishes and adds French touches to each. Creating Turkey Paupillettes with Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts – a holiday dinner in one pan; puréed French Mashed Potatoes; an exquisite Sardine Platter; and a fresh Blueberry Tart.
  • Well Preserved
    Well Preserved

    Episode 25 - Season 3 - October 22, 2015

    With preserved foods making such a comeback Laura Calder makes a few of her very own bistro favourites - Duck Confit; a ruby Red Currant Jelly; the always useful Canned Tomatoes; and Canned Peaches for a taste of summertime in the dead of winter.
  • Cocktail Dinner
    Cocktail Dinner

    Episode 24 - Season 3 - October 21, 2015

    Laura Calder throws a cocktail party for friends and presents the perfect bite sized menu - a crispy Pissaladière; tasty Sausage and Apple Skewers; chic Shrimp in Mustard Mayonnaise; for dipping fresh vegetables, a rich Rosemary Chevre Sauce; and, for something exotic, Quails Eggs in Zaatar.
  • Life's Luxuries
    Life's Luxuries

    Episode 23 - Season 3 - October 21, 2015

    Laura Calder creates a special menu using luxurious ingredients - light Lobster Stew with Spring Vegetables; dainty Cucumber Rolls topped with Roe; sophisticated Foie Gras Tartines; and real Strawberry Ice Cream, with crispy Orange Almond Tuiles.
  • The Beauty Show
    The Beauty Show

    Episode 22 - Season 3 - October 20, 2015

    In a stunning menu that’s more than just beautiful, Laura Calder makes delicate Fish Wrapped in Lettuce served with Dill Cream Sauce; beautiful Radishes and Peas; colourful Asparagus with Orange Sauce decorated with shavings of Parmesan; and a very pretty Raspberry Tart.
  • The Retro Show
    The Retro Show

    Episode 21 - Season 3 - October 20, 2015

    Laura Calder travels back in time creating retro dishes like creamy Coquilles Saint-Jacques; striking Oeufs en Gêlée; funny looking, but fabulous; Tacky Canapés; and a fluffy Rhubarb Parfait.
  • French Barbecue

    Season 3 - October 19, 2015

    Laura Calder prepares a French style BBQ with all her favourites - wobbly Wine Jelly with Grapes; tangy Potato Salad; a refined Salade Greque; and of course skewers - Fish and Seafood Brochettes: Pink Shrimps with Zucchini ribboned around them; Monkfish and Lemon Skewers in herbes de provence marinade; and Marinated Chicken and Fig Brochettes.
  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit

    Episode 19 - Season 3 - October 19, 2015

    Laura Calder takes a break from rule-ridden recipes and turns a bunch of casual dishes into a perfect meal with fiery Paprika Chicken; a beautiful salad of Shaved Vegetables; savoury Rice Pilaf; and a sweet Hazelnut Roll filled with whip cream.
  • Gimick-Free

    Season 3 - October 16, 2015

    Requiring no fuss or help from kitchen gadgets Laura Calder prepares an effortless menu of buttery Roast Chicken with a tumble of crisp-edged Roasted Vegetables; easy Mixed Greens with Walnut Vinaigrette; a light and airy Cheese and Herb Soufflé; and to finish, an extraordinarily simple Applesauce Apple Tart.
  • Moveable Feast
    Moveable Feast

    Episode 17 - Season 3 - October 16, 2015

    Laura Calder makes a full meal that’s so simple to transport - bright Carrot and Orange Juice Soup; juicy Rolled Pork Florentine; tangy Celeriac Remoulade; sweet Honey Fleur de Lys; and Spiced Nuts with Rosemary.
  • Mediterranean Sun
    Mediterranean Sun

    Episode 16 - Season 3 - October 15, 2015

    Flavours from the Mediterranean shine the way as Laura Calder makes an olive studded Fougasse; a roasted Fennel Salad with Orange, Olives and Red Onion; Pork Chops with MORE Olives; and Citron Confit with a branch of heirloom tomatoes on the side; and Apricot Salad with Pistachios with the faintest hint of Flower Water.
  • Cook for a Chef
    Cook for a Chef

    Episode 15 - Season 3 - October 15, 2015

    Laura Calder cooks for a chef friend and presents an unpretentious menu of cumin-scented Aubergine Charlottes with a fresh Tomato and Coriander salad; Grilled Sea Bass with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce on smooth Broccoli Purée; and the best Chocolate Cake ever.
  • Woodland Feast
    Woodland Feast

    Episode 14 - Season 3 - October 14, 2015

    With a menu inspired by the forest, Laura Calder makes a light Fiddlehead Soup; juicy Juniper Beer Bird with a creamy Celeriac Purée; soft Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Goat Cheese; and Millefeuilles stuffed with whipped cream and blackberries.
  • Confidence Builders
    Confidence Builders

    Episode 13 - Season 3 - October 14, 2015

    Laura Calder prepares an easy, ego-boosting menu of French classics like earthy Boeuf Bourguignon; simple Boiled Parsley Potatoes; a shaved Fennel and Mushroom Salad; and a sensational Apple and Almond Cream Tart.
  • Summer Buffet
    Summer Buffet

    Episode 12 - Season 3 - October 13, 2015

    For a perfect buffet style summer meal Laura Calder prepares delicious Hot Pernod Mussels; a magnificent Poached Trout with Mascarpone Lemon Cream; a healthy Pea, Fava, and Asparagus Tumble; and a spongy Angel Cake topped with Fresh Berries.
  • Sunday Lunch
    Sunday Lunch

    Episode 11 - Season 3 - October 13, 2015

    Laura Calder gets together with friends to share a classic Sunday lunch. Starting with an elegant Consommé; rustic Boeuf en Croûte with Green Beans, Hazelnuts and Crème Fraîche on the side; and, for dessert, Bombe Glacée, a very 19th century showy moulded ice dessert.
  • Lazy Daze
    Lazy Daze

    Episode 10 - Season 3 - October 12, 2015

    Laura Calder creates an effortless yet delicious menu for those days when you need a little break - shredded Basil Beef and warm Baby Potatoes in Olive Oil with Fleur de Sel; classic Ratatouille; grilled Aioli Artichokes; and a cool drink of Better than Citron Pressé.
  • Champagne Dinner
    Champagne Dinner

    Episode 9 - Season 3 - October 12, 2015

    Paying attention to all the fine details, Laura Calder makes a birthday lunch for a friend. On the menu, bright Summer Tomato Soup; an elegant Stuffed Guinea Hen served on a Watercress Salad with Grapes and Almonds; and, for dessert, a creamy Gâteau Succès with Peaches.
  • Artist Dinner
    Artist Dinner

    Episode 8 - Season 3 - October 9, 2015

    Laura Calder gets creative in the kitchen making divine Moelleux au Chocolat with Caramel Sauce; tasty Blue Beef and Endives with Oranges; easy Nutty Pasta; and colourful Vegetable Chips.
  • The Slow Show
    The Slow Show

    Episode 7 - Season 3 - October 9, 2015

    Laura Calder makes a menu worth slowing down for - Brandade cakes with Confit of Peppers; succulent Slow Lamb with Baked Tomatoes; filling Boulangère Potatoes; and refreshing Rhubarb Water.
  • Cozy

    Episode 6 - Season 3 - October 8, 2015

    Laura Calder creates a menu of comfort food - hearty Pork Belly & Lentils; peppery Gingered Watercress; soft Baked Apples; and, for a snack, Savoury French Toast.
  • How Grand
    How Grand

    Episode 5 - Season 3 - October 8, 2015

    Life shouldn’t be casual all the time. Showing how easy it is to dress up a menu Laura Calder makes succulent Mushroom Quails; soft Savoy Cabbage; sweet Fig and Chèvre Tartlets; and a creamy Pumpkin Mousse.
  • Grandma's House
    Grandma's House

    Episode 4 - Season 3 - October 7, 2015

    Re-visiting a few favourite recipes from her Grandmother, Laura makes a Savoury Swiss Chard Tart; an Old-Fashioned Blanquette de Veau with Vichy Carrots; and mellow Slow-Baked Honey Wine Pears.
  • Thrifty

    Episode 3 - Season 3 - October 7, 2015

    Laura Calder presents a budget-conscious menu of Buckwheat Crêpes with a Savoury Tomato Topping; a light and airy Souffléd Spinach Omelette; earthy Cream of Lentil Soup with Sausage Croûtes; and a simple Red Cabbage Salad.
  • Exotica

    Episode 2 - Season 3 - April 3, 2015

    Exploring her exotic side, Laura Calder puts a twist on some basic ingredients creating Brown Butter Fish; Roasted Cumin Carrots and Chickpeas with Olives; Coconut Lime Flan; and Ivan’s Asian-inspired Oysters.
  • Small Pleasures
    Small Pleasures

    Episode 1 - Season 3 - April 2, 2015

    Laura Calder takes time to savour the little things in life and in the kitchen, creating a whole tray of small pleasures: perfect Petit Fours; dreamy Powder Puffs; chewy Canneles; and warming Lait de Poule.

Season 2

  • Tribute to French Canada

    Season 2 - September 29, 2015

    Laura demonstrates how French food expresses itself in Canada by making a savoury Tourtiere; juicy Blueberry Grumble; fluffy Maple Mousse; comforting Soupe aux Pois; and Ployes - buckwheat griddle cakes.
  • Truckstop French

    Season 2 - September 29, 2015

    Laura prepares her favourite French- style travellers food; slow-cooked Potatoes and Pork Chops; cheesy Cauliflower Gratin; boozy French Onion Soup; creamy Quiche Lorraine; and satisfying Baguette Sandwiches. All good homey meals that make ‘getting there’ half the fun.
  • Celebratory Chocolate Desserts

    Season 2 - September 28, 2015

    The perfect thing for special occasions is chocolate. Laura makes a magical Chocolate Cream Cake; a double-decker Chocolate Tart; a decadent Chocolate Framboise; and Chocolate Crepes stuffed with bananas and cream.

  • French for Dieters

    Season 2 - September 28, 2015

    Laura prepares healthy, simple French dishes that aid weightloss: hearty Poule au Pot; nutritious Tizza soup; luxurious Halibut en Papilotte; fresh Orange Sections in Syrup with chewy Candied Zest; and Laura’s fast slimming tactic - Carrot –Cabbage-Fennel Slaw.
  • The Olive Show

    Season 2 - September 25, 2015

    Celebrating the fine fruit of the olive tree Laura creates an entirely olive feast, starting with Olive and Nut Tartines; followed by tender Halibut poached in Olive Oil with Pureed Squash; tasty Olive Potatoes; and a sweet and juicy Olive Oil and Red Grape Cake.
  • Simple Classics

    Season 2 - September 25, 2015

    Conquering French clichés, Laura prepares a menu for friends with the Bourgeous restaurant favourite Duck a l’Orange; Petit Pois a la Francaise; Potatoes Anna; and a really easy chilled Strawberry Souffle.
  • Simple Terrines

    Season 2 - September 24, 2015

    Laura shows how easy, stylish and social Terrines can be with, pretty pots of Salmon Rillettes; an ideal year round Vegetable Terrine with a ham mousseline base; a hearty Country Terrine; a refreshing layered Fruit Terrine; and an easy ‘cheaters’ Terrine with blue cheese and dried fruit.
  • The Butter Show

    Season 2 - September 24, 2015

    Laura proves that butter is one of nature’s delicious miracles preparing Artichokes with a creamy Brown Butter Hollandaise sauce; a variety of Compound Butters infused with flavour; an elegant Beurre Blanc sauce; and for your sweet tooth, smooth and glossy Butterscotch Sauce to top whatever suits your fancy.
  • The Puff Pasty Show

    Season 2 - September 23, 2015

    Among the many great French pastries is the irresistible, light and buttery Puff Pastry. Laura shows it off by making tangy Salmon en Croute; creamy Vol au Vents; a festive Gallette des Rois; and sweet Chaussons au Pommes.
  • French Fruit Desserts

    Season 2 - September 23, 2015

    The time for fruit in France is in dessert and always best when in season. Laura creates the famous Tarte Tatin; regal Winter Fruit Compote; summery Baked Stone Fruits; Berry Gratin with Ice Wine Sabayon; and finishes with a few simple ways to serve it up, all on its own.
  • France City Tour

    Season 2 - September 22, 2015

    Laura invites you to taste the many flavours of France as she creates delicious, regional specialities: Crayfish Sauce from Nantes on Fish Mousseline; Flemish inspired Beef in Beer; classic Salad Nicoise from Nice; Vichyssoise - a cool potato and leek soup made with the cooling waters from Vichy; and from Strasbourg, a subtle Onion Tart.
  • French Ways with Vegetables

    Season 2 - September 22, 2015

    Laura gives ‘everyday’ vegetables the French treatment creating a warming Red Pepper Mousse; crunchy Cauliflower Salad; stunning Pistou Soup; springy Pumpkin Cake; silky Sautéed Cucumbers; and Glazed Pink Radishes.
  • The Bread Show

    Season 2 - September 21, 2015

    Bread is one of the most famous French staples and the French are devoted to it. Laura shows her bread allegiance by creating an incredibly airy Miracle Boule; soothing Bread Soup; dense Walnut Cake; sweet Pain Perdu; and Pan Bagnat, the favourite French picnic sandwich.
  • From the French Pantry

    Season 2 - September 21, 2015

    Laura shows how stocking your pantry with just a few French staples, dishes like tangy Chicken in Vinegar; Mustard Pork; Fish topped with Tapenade; Beef Tenderloin topped with classic Remoulade Sauce; and Frenchy Popcorn can come together easily, any day of the week.
  • Cooking with Wine

    Season 2 - September 18, 2015

    Wine is an indispensable ingredient in all French kitchens. Demonstrating with reds and whites, Laura makes Eggs in a Burgundian Wine Sauce; creamy Coq au Riesling; pale sweet Orange Peel Wine; brilliant Red Cabbage with Red Wine; and a fresh and fizzy Champagne Berry Soup.
  • French Africa

    Season 2 - September 18, 2015

    Laura prepares a French-African inspired dinner for friends with bright Minty Couscous; savoury Salt Cod Beignets; Chicken Tagine with Olives and Preserved Lemons; exotic Marinated Vegetable Salad; and to finish, a spongy Orange Almond Cake.
  • Cooking for One

    Season 2 - September 17, 2015

    Laura creates a variety of dishes that are ideal for dining alone. A simple Pork Chop topped with Red Onion Confit accompanied by a Parsley Salad; hearty Bacon and Egg Salad; crispy Potato Omelet; and tastily topped Tartines, proves to be perfect options for a meal made for one.
  • The Sweet Choux Show

    Season 2 - September 17, 2015

    Demonstrating with a variety of fillings and toppings Laura uses Choux Pastry as the base for sweet afternoon Coffee Éclairs; chocolate covered ice cream stuffed Profiteroles; and an unforgettable Croquembouche.
  • Salt and Pepper

    Season 2 - April 1, 2015

    The flavours of salt & pepper lead the way for Laura as she makes a moist and flakey Fish in a Salt Crust; Steak seared on a bed of Sea Salt; peppery Eggs Basquasie, a Duck Breast coated in a light green-peppercorn sauce; and Salt & Savoury Biscuits.
  • Dinner from the Potager

    Season 2 - March 31, 2015

    Laura crafts a garden feast for an old friend with a green thumb, serving colourful Tender Baby Vegetables; juicy Herb-Crusted Lamb Cutlets with Accordion Potatoes; crisp deep-fried Zucchini Blossoms, a salad topped with Nasturtiums; and finishes with a lemony Couer a la Crème.
  • Around Bordeaux Dinner

    Season 2 - March 30, 2015

    Inspired by the flavours from the southwestern part of France Laura prepares dinner for a friend. To start: Oysters on the half shell with Pickled Shallot, followed by slowly simmered Milk Pork; golden Roasted Squash with Thyme; crispy Duck Fat Potatoes; and a delectable Prune and Apple Croustade.

  • Reunion Food

    Season 2 - March 27, 2015

    Laura re-creates her favourite French reunion food to share with her brother and his wife - zesty Lemon Asparagus Risotto; Lamb slow cooked in a colourful Ratatouille; summery Strawberry Gallette; and an easy bubbly aperitif.
  • Girls Dinner

    Season 2 - March 26, 2015

    With a group of girlfriends coming to dinner Laura makes classic Lemon Scented Madeleines; syrupy Strawberries macerated in Orange Juice; satisfying sauté of Tarragon Chicken; crisp Flattened New Potatoes; and succulent Shrimp with Garlic and Basil Oil served with Pan Fried Fennel.
  • Stuffed!

    Season 2 - March 25, 2015

    Laura throws a dinner party where everything on the menu is stuffed! - savoury Stuffed Cabbage; basil and tomato Stuffed Peppers; vegetable stuffed Tied Fish; sweet and sticky Stuffed Prunes; and butter and pistachio Stuffed Figs.
  • Picnic

    Season 2 - March 24, 2015

    Laura prepares for dinner outdoors with friends and a menu perfect for picnics: French-style Tabbouleh; Piedmont Eggs with anchovies tomato and garlic; citrusy Lobster and Grapefruit Salad; Green Bean Salad with Shallot and Toasted Almond; and a high-sided rustic Cherry Tart.
  • Vegetarian

    Season 2 - March 23, 2015

    Laura reveals how a meatless meal is as French a feast as any, with a layered Tomato and Aubergine Gratin; earthy Shepards Pie with mushrooms; nutty Lentils with Walnuts and Goat Cheese; and caramelized Roasted Beetroot.

Season 1

  • The Perfect Potato

    Season 1 - September 16, 2015

    Laura shows the wondrous versatility of potatoes and the many varieties as she creates Rustic Country Potato Torte, Creamy Potato Gratin, Warm Potato Salad and everyone’s favourite - Frites!
  • Sweet Tarts

    Season 1 - September 16, 2015

    Sweet Tart recipes are part of every French woman’s cooking repertoire. Laura demonstrates with a few that are sure to become part of yours; Rough Apple Galette, Plum Tart Painted Purple, Strawberry Rhubarb and last but certainly not least, the Classic Lemon Tart.
  • Stand Alone Salads

    Season 1 - September 15, 2015

    Salads are often thought of as side dishes, but in France they are a course served all on their own. Laura makes Warm Goat Cheese Salad, Endive with Beets and Walnuts, Fennel with Citrus Zests and Pinenuts and Summer Gazpacho Salad that will change the way you serve greens forever.
  • Eggs Anytime

    Season 1 - September 15, 2015

    Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore and the French have over 100 ways to serve them. Laura prepares Eggs in Phyllo Pastry, Scrambled Eggs, Cocette Eggs and Mimosa Eggs, making eggs great for anytime of day.
  • Savoury Tarts

    Season 1 - September 14, 2015

    There is a savoury French tart for every occasion; Spinach with Zaatar, Baby Endive Tarte Tartins, Tomato Tart and the Famous Quiche, all so easy and so good, you’ll want to throw a party just cause.
  • Apero

    Season 1 - September 14, 2015

    The French know how important it is to relax before a big meal, they even have a name for it, Apero. Laura makes Flaky Gougeres, Spicy Beet Bites, Tuna Mint Dip and Bacon and Olive Cake; all great ways to unwind before dinner.
  • Aromatic Inspiration

    Season 1 - September 11, 2015

    Laura is a firm believer that everything just tastes better with herbs! Demonstrating with a variety of aromatics Laura prepares Herb Crusted Leg of Lamb, Rosemary Poached Peaches, Orange-Glazed Tarragon Carrots and Cottage Cheese packed with Parsley and Chives.
  • Chocolate Obsession

    Season 1 - September 11, 2015

    Remember that old rule about everything being in moderation? Well forget it! With a completely decadent menu of Chocolate Cream Pots, Chocolate Pavement with Macadamia Nuts and Candied Ginger, Chocolate Mousse and a true cup of Hot Chocolate, the only rule here is INDULGENCE!
  • Cheese 101

    Season 1 - September 10, 2015

    Laura explores the world of French cheeses and the many categories as she makes tangy Blue Cheese Pasta, Parmesan Tuiles, Marinated Chevre and a few simple cheese platters; complete with instructions of how to serve them and…how to eat them.
  • Bechamel Creations

    Season 1 - September 10, 2015

    Laura makes a simple béchamel sauce and uses it as the base and star ingredient for Pink Chard Gratin, Vegetable Soufflé, Seafood Pizza and Oh-so Creamy Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Served Family Style

    Season 1 - September 9, 2015

    La Rentree in France signifies the end of summer and it can be hectic and tiresome for kids and parents alike. When a busy soccer mom and her son stop by after practice Laura presents them with an energy-boosting menu of Meat Stuffed Tomatoes, Green Soup, Aubergine Ruffles and the Best Rice Pudding Ever.
  • Comfort Food

    Season 1 - September 9, 2015

    Fall flavours inspire a comforting menu for two homesick Ex-Pats. Laura makes Smoky Squash Soup, White Beans with Aromatics, Pork Roast with Rosemary, Honey and Quatre-Epices and Greco-Norman Apples.
  • Mediterranean Flavours

    Season 1 - September 8, 2015

    Inspired by the region of Provence, Laura introduces two picky friends to the Mediterranean flavours of Sautéed Artichokes, Squid with Olives and Tomatoes, Warm Herbed Baguette and Orange Flower Fritters.
  • Country Dinner

    Season 1 - September 8, 2015

    Laura makes dinner for two tired friends who stop by after a day of hiking. A hearty menu of Beef and Carrots, Leeks with Vinaigrette, Anchovy Toasts and Walnut Financiers has them back on their feet in no time.
  • Breakfast Abroad

    Season 1 - September 7, 2015

    Laura invites you to experience breakfast in France without leaving the kitchen. On the menu; warm flaky Brioche, Spiced bread, Homemade Apricot Preserve, a cup of Café Crème and Granola; like you’ve never seen it before.
  • French Food Fast

    Season 1 - September 7, 2015

    Laura makes a few super speedy dishes; Sole Meuniere, Steak Au Poivre, Raspberry Duck and Caper Chops, proving that even when you don’t have the time you can still create a dinner that not only looks good, but is good for you.
  • Classic Bistro Desserts

    Season 1 - September 4, 2015

    The French pride themselves on being able to take the same ingredients and use them over and over and never make the same thing twice. Inspired by desserts Laura makes Nougat Glace, Crème Caramel and Crème Anglaise with Isles Flottantes; a few classics made of just eggs, cream and sugar.
  • Fish Forever

    Season 1 - September 4, 2015

    There are so many varieties of fish and seafood the recipes are endless. Laura prepares an aromatic Fish Stew, Tuna in a Poppy Seed Crust, Mussels steamed in Wine Sauce and a Summer Salmon Tartar that are sure to make you crave fish everyday of the week.
  • Chateau Memories

    Season 1 - September 3, 2015

    Laura re-creates a few of her chateau favorites; Spring Vegetable Ragout, Chicken Sauté with Rosemary and Thyme and a Savarin soaked in Syrup and topped with Strawberries and Cream.
  • Dinner Outdoors

    Season 1 - September 3, 2015

    With friends coming for dinner Laura prepares a menu that’s great for the outdoors; Sweet and Salty Ham and Melon, Juicy Chicken in a Salt-baked Crust, Colourful Vegetable Tian and Cool Pink Grapefruit Sorbet with Lavendar Sables.
  • First Courses

    Season 1 - September 2, 2015

    First Courses act as sort of a speed bump before a main, encouraging you to relax and slow down a bit. Laura demonstrates with first courses that are designed to do just that; Crispy Courgette Fritters, Soothing Chick Pea Soup, Speedy Salt and Pepper Shrimp and Silky Parmesan Flan.
  • French Holiday Dinner

    Season 1 - September 2, 2015

    Laura shows some delicious alternative options for your next holiday dinner with; Roasted Cornish Hens, Sautéed Brussels Sprouts Leaves, Grated Potato Cake, Citrus Squash Tart and a special after dinner treat; Orange Coffee Liquor.
  • Spring Flavors

    Season 1 - September 1, 2015

    With her Italian teacher coming for dinner, Laura prepares a refreshing spring menu that sure to score her an “A” with; Warm Dandelion Salad, Earthy Mushroom Raviolis, Sweet Baked Rhubarb and Crisp chewy Meringues.
  • French Food For Kids

    Season 1 - September 1, 2015

    Laura prepares a kid-friendly menu of Homemade Crepes with Sweet Apple Filling, Yogurt Cake soaked in Orange Syrup, Creamy Vache Qui Rit Soup and a Velvety Green Pea Flan, guaranteed to get any kids attention, even those young at heart.
  • Charcuterie Inspiration

    Season 1 - August 31, 2015

    Among the many great French food shops are the Charcuteries. With a variety of prepared meats Laura creates Old-fashioned Sausage and Lentils, Slow-cooked Rillettes, Toasty Croque Monsieur and Sausage wrapped in an Herbed Crust that will leave your mouth watering.
  • Dinner So Chic

    Season 1 - August 31, 2015

    When hosting a dinner party you want things to look amazing but you don’t want to have to spend all day in the kitchen to do so. Truth is, you don’t have to! Laura prepares a chic and speedy menu with Marvelous Dipping Mayonnaise, Grilled Asparagus, Rosy Pink Salmon in a Bright Sauce and Mocha Chocolate Cake.