10 Canadian Restaurants That Deserve a Michelin Star in 2024


As of 2022, over 150 restaurants from Vancouver and Toronto have been recognized by the Michelin Guide for their culinary prowess. From Bib Gourmand designations to the coveted Michelin star, these incredibly diverse restaurants exemplify the best of Canada’s vibrant food scene. As we look ahead to 2024, we often wonder whom amongst a very competitive industry will be recognized next. More specifically, which restaurant will earn a Michelin star in 2024.


During our Drive to Table experience with Turo, we visited Michelin-star restaurant Quetzal. Led by chef Steven Molnar, the team at Quetzal embodies the essence of what makes a Michelin-starred restaurant so unique in every way. In each dish, every detail is exacted with precision and care — leading to a more enriching experience for the guest. While enjoying our meal, we got to thinking: who else deserves a Michelin star? With so many restaurants to choose from, our favourites were not easy to narrow down. Ultimately, we devised a list of restaurants we believe deserve a Michelin star in 2024 — here are our picks.

*Some restaurants featured on this list are mentioned in Canada’s Michelin Guide, however do not have a star.

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Address: 271 Rue Saint-Zotique O, Montréal, QC

Fun, eclectic and inspired are just some of the words we would use to describe this Montreal-based restaurant. Their play on multiple culinary styles gives the guest an invigorating experience. We could call their menu a kaleidoscope of flavour — since they encompass such a diverse variety of local ingredients. This restaurant is one to watch out for if ever the Michelin guide steps foot in MTL.

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Address: 1454 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

To say that this restaurant is wild is an understatement. Chef Michael Hunter and his team at Antler have changed the game for Canadian restaurants with their innovative takes on foraged food. It’s clear how much thought is put into each dish, as if each bite is an immersion into the Canadian wilderness. Michael’s experience foraging and hunting sustainably truly does set him apart, making him deserving of a star.


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Address: 1152 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC

If you’ve ever been to Archer, you know that the team here always hits the mark. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, this restaurant highlights the best qualities of Canadian coastal cuisine. Archer is proud of its connections to local and ethical suppliers so that they are able to offer the best quality dining experience possible. Their attention to detail alone warrants another glance at their potential star status.

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Cabaret L’enfer

Address: 4094 Saint Denis St, Montreal, QC

Voted #2 in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants of 2023, this stunning performance of culinary mastery can only be found at Montreal’s Cabaret L’enfer. This menu brings to life the artistic essence of Montreal with the playfulness we come to know and love about the city. The level of creativity from this team of innovative chefs is unmatched, and is a true example of why Quebec needs representation on Canada’s Michelin Guide.


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Address: 326 Adelaide St W, Toronto

Restaurateur power couple chef Nuit and Jeff Regular have struck gold with Kiin. The duo’s Royal Thai-inspired menu is a marvel amongst Toronto’s competitive food scene. The intricacy of each dish is further exemplified by the careful selection of ingredients and flavours. Chef Nuit often takes trips back to Thailand for further inspiration in providing an even better experience for guests through Kiin’s evolving menu of Thai dishes. Kiin is truly worthy of earning a Michelin star.

Restaurant Pearl Morrissette

Address: 3953 Jordan Rd, Jordan, ON

Pearl Morrissette’s restaurant is equally deserving of high praise — and then some. Located in the Niagara region, this gorgeous fine dining restaurant constantly looks to elevate the dining experience for guests. Their values of authenticity, curiosity and integrity really shine through each and every one of their dishes. We encourage Michelin to take a short drive from the city to this beautiful restaurant and get a taste for true Canadian talent.


Address: 597 College St, Toronto, ON

Pompette is a restaurant that can’t be missed when visiting Toronto. This contemporary French restaurant pays homage to classical French cooking with innovative twists. From confit duck breast to beef Wellington, there is something incredibly special about each dish served at Pompette. While they do appear on the guide itself, they have yet to secure a star — we believe this is their time.


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Address: 1276 Yonge St, Toronto, ON

Taline is a relatively new restaurant with a very experienced team of passionate chefs. This Armenian restaurant in Toronto’s Midtown has brought Armenian cooking to the forefront of Canadian fine dining. Head chef Sebouh Yacoubian’s menu is a reflection of both his culture and his mothers teachings. Every dish at Taline is infused with love, care and a passion for creating an authentic experience like no other. Taline is definitely worth a gander when considering who should receive a star in 2024.

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The Acorn

Address: 3995 Main St, Vancouver, BC

It’s not often a plant-based fine dining restaurant receives a Michelin star — though The Acorn is well deserving. This eclectic menu of vegan and vegetarian dishes is exactly what Canada’s food scene needed. Everything at The Acorn is done with intention — including their commitment to be a zero-waste kitchen. For a myriad of reasons, The Acorn should definitely be a contender for Michelin’s green star in sustainability.

Ugly Duckling

Address: 543 Fisgard St, Victoria, BC

Deep in the heart of Victoria’s historic Chinatown lives this beautifully understated restaurant. Ugly Duckling is the heartfelt creation of a team of passionate chefs combining the essence of BC’s coast and Chinatown’s history. Defined as an “edible celebration of Vancouver Island”, Ugly Duckling is the breath of fresh air Victoria’s growing food scene needed. Though there are many great restaurants in Vancouver, we urge Michelin to take a short ferry ride to this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

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