A Michelin-Chef’s Ultimate Guide to Kensington Market


Without question, Toronto is one of the most culturally diverse food cities anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for Korean, Jamaican, Mexican or even Norwegian food — Toronto has it all. Tourists visiting for the first time often wonder: what is Toronto’s hottest foodie neighbourhood? If you’re asking a local, most will say Kensington Market, and we would have to agree.


Luxury car sharing platform Turo and the illustrious Michelin Guide have teamed up to bring a fine dining immersive experience that shines a light on both the journey and the destination. Working with some of the most brightest and innovative chefs across the country — the goal is to showcase Canada’s sprawling food scene through the lens of a Michelin star chef. We got to experience this one-of-a-kind adventure with chef Steven Molnar of Quetzal. Steven’s guide to Kensington Market took us on a tasty tour of the neighbourhood’s most delicious eats. Read on to learn more about Turo, the Michelin Guide and Steven’s picks for best bites in Kensington Market.

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What is the Turo x Michelin collaboration?

This campaign features an immersive dining experience, highlighting four of Canada’s newest and most driven chefs. The Drive to Table experience is available in both Toronto and Vancouver from October 28 to December 16.

Which restaurants are apart of Turo x Michelin Drive to Table?

The four restaurants included in the Drive to Table package are:

  • Quetzal led by Steven Molnar
  • Osteria Giulia led by Rob Rossi
  • St. Lawrence led by Jean-Christophe Poirier
  • Kissa Tanto led by Joël Watanabe
  • What is included in the Turo x Michelin Drive to Table package?

    The Drive to Table package includes a tailored dining experience at one of the affiliated restaurants, 1-night hotel stay following the dinner and a luxury car to tour around for the duration of the experience. In addition, each guest is presented with a guided itinerary curated by the chef — highlighting their favourite local spots.

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    Steven Molnar’s Guide to Kensington Market

    Kensington Market is one of Toronto’s most eclectic neighbourhoods, with tons of art and vintage shops to explore. One notable feature of the market’s charm has to be the abundance of restaurants. Kensington Market is a neighbourhood that stays true to form and hasn’t lost its authenticity through the years. It’s no surprise that someone as authentic and true to himself as Steven would be so enamoured by this foodie haven. Here are some of Steven’s favourite foodie finds in Kensington Market.


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    Gus Tacos for (of course) tacos

    Address: 225 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

    The tacos at Gus Tacos is an elite experience that can’t be missed. With seven shops spread around this city, this local taco collective has made its mark on Toronto’s competitive food scene. The classic taco has a wide variety of proteins to choose from like grilled fish, chicken and a delicious beef stew.

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    Pancho y Emilano for enchiladas

    Address: 200 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

    Have you ever tasted something that left you at a loss for words? That’s the vibe at Pancho y Emilano. A Kensington Market staple, this traditional Mexican restaurant serves up classic dishes the way abuelita would make it. Definitely opt for the enchiladas next time you’re in.


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    Rasta Pasta for jerk chicken

    Address: 61 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON

    Our first time at Rasta Pasta was an experience to remember. The delicious aromas pouring out from the kitchen manifested into a succulent plate of jerk chicken. The flavours at Rasta Pasta have and always will hit the spot.

    Segovia for chorizo

    Address: 218 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON

    If there’s one thing Segovia is known for — it’s the chorizo. Chorizo is a delicious combination of chopped pork meat, pork fat and spices stuffed into a flavour-packed sausage. This is a must-have if you’re planning on visiting Kensington Market anytime soon.

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    Sleepy Pete’s for breakfast sandwiches

    Interested in a breakfast sandwich to start your day? Sleepy Pete’s has the best. Every weekend, this local eatery offers a delicious special breakfast sandwich that can only be experienced in-person to truly understand just how delicious it is.

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    Quetzal for everything

    Address: 419 College St, Toronto, ON

    To finish off your flavourful experience, don’t forget to visit Quetzal. A short walk from Kensington Market, Quetzal is the perfect way to end an afternoon of delicious bites, curtesy of Toronto’s hottest foodie neighbourhood. Tell chef Steven we said hi!