10 Gourd-geous Pumpkin Recipes You Need to Avoid Food Waste This Halloween

Did you know that over 80,000 tonnes of pumpkin are wasted in Canada every year? The remains of pumpkins are often thrown away, and with costs at an all-time high, can you really afford to let that gourd-geous squash go to waste? There are tons of recipes you can make from just pumpkin alone. From a sweet snack cake to a spicy soup, the opportunities are endless. A few easy ways to use your leftover pumpkin include roasting, blending and even frying.

Cooking or baking your pumpkin

We recommend cleaning the exterior of your pumpkin for any dirt residue followed removing the stem. To roast your pumpkin, cut along the sides to create wedges – roast the pieces at 350°F for 30-40 minutes and enjoy. To puree your pumpkin, make sure to remove any watery flesh, roast the pumpkin at 350°F and blend in a food processor till smooth. If you plan to fry your pumpkin, make sure the exterior is washed, dried and peeled. Once you’re done, lightly fry your pumpkin in a shallow pan with a tablespoon of butter. 

Eating your pumpkin – safely!

We can confirm that your jack-o-lantern is safe to eat – so long as there isn’t any candle wax inside or left outside for a long period of time. The important thing to watch out for is the presence of any bugs, mold and excess liquid before consuming your pumpkin. If you’re unsure of the quality of your pumpkin, we suggest checking out these seven tips on safe pumpkin consumption

Pumpkins are good for you, too

Pumpkins also offer a long list of healthy nutrients from vitamin A to fiber and manganese. So before you throw away your pumpkin, check out these 10 delicious recipes to turn your pumpkins from spooky to scrumptious this fall.

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