Our Honest Review of the New A&W Chicken Crunchers Sandwiches

Chubby chicken, Nashville Hot chicken, BLT chicken crunchers
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Joining the delicious roster of A&W menu classics like their signature onion rings, Teen Burger and the iconic A&W Root Beer, is a new lineup of A&W Chicken Crunchers Sandwiches. The Canadian burger chain is adding three different permanent sandwiches to its menu for the first time since 2018, and we’re ready to sink our teeth into them. Read on for everything you need to know, plus our honest review. 

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Chubby Chicken Cruncher


What is the Chicken Cruncher Sandwich?

The Chicken Cruncher sandwiches are the newest, permanent addition to the A&W menu. It consists of a piece of five-ounce crispy, yet juicy chicken that’s sandwiched in between a toasted brioche-style bun

What kind of Chicken Crunchers are available?

There are three different A&W Chicken Crunchers. Choices of the Nashville Hot Chicken Cruncher, Chubby Chicken Cruncher and the BLT Chicken Cruncher are available. 

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What do the new Chicken Crunchers taste like?

Since we got to try all three Cruncher sandwiches, here’s our honest review ranked from our favourite to the least favourite. 

If there’s one word to describe the Nashville Hot Chicken Cruncher — it’s heat. This is the crispiest chicken we’ve tried (sandwich-wise) and coated in their spicy Nashville glaze. The pickles are small but pair nicely with the chicken and classic Chubby Mayo. All the flavours combine together to give you a tasty, juicy, spicy and crispy bite every time. The spicy kick is not too overpowering so if you’re a fan of spice like us, you’ll surely enjoy this sandwich. 

Our second favourite has to be the Chubby Chicken Cruncher. It consists of crunchy chicken, lettuce and Chubby Mayo. The chicken was well seasoned and the brioche-bun was toasted to perfection — it had a good crunch with every bite. If you’re looking for a plain filling sandwich without any additional veggies or ingredients, this one’s for you. 

Coming in third, was the BLT Chicken Cruncher. Don’t get us wrong, this sandwich is equal parts crunchy chicken and delicious. The amount of Chubby Mayo is the right balance for the juicy chicken — the tomato is sweet and the crispy bacon is a pleasant addition. However, we think the bacon gets a bit lost behind the real star of the show: the chicken. 

How can I order the new Chicken Cruncher sandwiches?

The Chubby Chicken Cruncher, BLT Chicken Cruncher and Nashville Hot Chicken Cruncher are now available at all A&W locations across Canada. Prices may vary depending on the province and are also available to order online via the A&W app. 

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