Canadian Michelin Guide Collabs We Would Like to See in 2024

Canada Michelin Guide
Aburi Hana

In the last couple of years, Canada’s Michelin Guide has grown with prestige and critical acclaim — and the world is talking about it. Just in 2024 alone, we’ve seen multiple Michelin Guide restaurants partner up with one another in the spirit of creative collaboration. These partnerships not only encourage guests to try new restaurants but also open up a dialogue on cross-cultural traditions in food.


Restaurants like Alder collaborated with Toronto-based donut shop COPS for an exclusive Michelin-style blend of unique flavours. Michelin star holders Quetzal and Aburi Hana teamed up for a one-night-only event highlighting the best of Oaxacan and Japanese fine dining. Even successful restauranteur Antonio Park, of AP Restaurants, teamed up with not one, but two Michelin star restaurants in Mont Bar Barcelona and Kasama Chicago — as seen in The Bear. 

Though Canada’s Michelin Guide is still relatively new for international foodies, we’ve always known that our culinary scene continues to showcase the best of our diverse communities. So it begs the question: What other exciting collaborations can we wish for the rest of 2024? Read on to find out our picks.

Note: Not all restaurants listed are based in Canada as Canadian cuisine is a reflection of international influences.  

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Antonio Park


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Quetzal x Miraflores

Since its opening, Quetzal has drawn attention near and far for its unique approach to Mexican cuisine. Chef Steven Molnar infuses his learnings from his time in France with his experiences visiting Oaxaca. After they received their Michelin star in 2022, the momentum and public appeal never dwindled. That’s why we believe a collaboration with Lyon-based Peruvian restaurant Miraflores would be perfect.

Miraflores is a well-respected restaurant in Lyon, France. With so much competition in the gastronomic capital, Miraflores has been able to cement itself as one of the best. Chef Carlos Camino’s flare for refinement and flavour makes for an ideal match with Quetzal. We imagine this pair creating a coastal-inspired menu featuring the classic cooking practices of Oaxaca with the effervescent flavours of Peru.

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Aburi Hana x Restaurant Pearl Morissette

Minimalist by design, avant-garde in flavour — both Aburi Hana and Pearl Morissette have a unique quality that binds them together. Much beloved Michelin star recipient Aburi Hana has a taste for the dramatics with their extremely flavourful array of Japanese dishes. The high-quality ingredients, coupled with the technical prowess, make them an ideal match for Restaurant Pearl Morissette.

Niagara-based Restaurant Pearl Morissette prides itself on having the best ingredients with an ever-changing menu that is both ambitious and innovative. We believe this mutual admiration for craft and culinary curiosity, would bring a collaborative menu nobody would ever forget.


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St. Lawrence x Straker’s

French classics versus British modernism; a tale as old as time, and in this case – a match made in heaven. St. Lawrence restaurant in Vancouver received its Michelin star in 2023 to no one’s surprise. This restaurant’s ability to capture the essence of French and Quebecois cuisine is no short of a spectacle. Now pair that with the British viral sensation Straker’s, and you have something special on your hands.

The name Straker’s rose to fame from it’s social media star head chef and his viral cooking videos on TikTok. From then on Straker’s gained notoriety for its modern takes on British classics with a Mediterranean twist. What we appreciate about classics versus modern cooking styles is the nuances of flavour. So while their cooking styles might be vastly different, we believe there is enough middle ground in flavour profiles to make for a new viral collaboration.

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The Acorn x Frilu

While we can’t say for certain why The Acorn hasn’t received its well-deserved Michelin star yet — we can say that a collaboration between The Acorn and Toronto-based Frilu would be absolute perfection. The two restaurants pride themselves on being environmentally sustainable, though they offer vastly different menu options.

We love The Acorn’s approach to plant-based cooking and its meticulous attention to detail. The level of refinement emanating from each dish equally matches the level of prestige from Frilu. We believe they can marry their two presentation styles into a beautifully colourful display of expertise in flavour.

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Bar Raval x Canabota

Said to be one of the most beautiful bars in Canada, Bar Raval makes for a wonderful canvas to paint a melody of flavour alongside Sevilla’s Canabota. As one of the very few Michelin star restaurants in Sevilla, Spain — Canabota brings a world of prestige in the form of refined seafood dishes. Like Canabota, Bar Raval offers a more grounded approach to its dishes with reasonable pricing and classic menu options.

We believe this partnership would allow locals to experience a more fluid immersion into regional Spanish cuisine. From Basque to Catalonia and Andalucía, these two Michelin Guide restaurants would bring coastal cuisine and creative cocktails to new heights that we have to see.


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Kissa Tanto x Mani

Moody meets modernity with this fine duo of Michelin star restaurants. From Vancouver all the way to Sao Paolo, Brazil — these two creative giants share a bond of beauty in the way they craft their dishes. We believe their ambitious, yet approachable way of food can allow for a unique pathway of flavour. With Kissa Tanto’s ability to harmonize Japanese and Italian cuisine coupled with Mani’s Brazilian ingredients, there’s no stopping this artistic pairing of experts.


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Antonio Park x Encanto

It seems as of late, Chef Antonio Park (and his restaurant of the same name) are in the business of getting Michelin’s attention — and who are we to stop him! Antonio and his collection of Montreal-based restaurants have made waves over the years, and his newest Toronto-based restaurant is no exception. After a few Michelin collaborations under his belt, we believe Antonio Park is ready for another byway of Lisbon’s Encanto.

This vegetable-forward Michelin star restaurant from Lisbon, Portugal is the perfect follow-up to a busy roster of meat-based partners. Encanto offers a unique immersion into Portuguese-style vegetarian dining with innovative ideas and flavourful dishes. If there’s anyone who can craft a plant-based menu alongside one of the world’s best, it’s Antonio Park.