CELSIUS Energy Drinks Are Now Available in Canada, Here’s Our Honest Review

CELSIUS Energy drinks lined up

We can’t be the only ones seeing the viral CELSIUS Energy drinks all over social media right now. The popular brand’s sparkling energy drink lineup is now finally available in Canada so we no longer have to cross the border to buy them. We got the chance to try them out, so read on for everything to know about the CELSIUS Energy drinks, which flavours you can get your hands on, plus our honest review and ranking of them. 

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Which CELSIUS Energy drinks are available in Canada?

There are five tropical-flavoured CELSIUS Energy drinks that just launched across the country: Sparkling Orange, Sparkling Kiwi Guava, Sparkling Peach Vibe, Sparkling Tropical Vibe and Sparkling Sunset Vibe. Each drink is sparkling, gluten-free and has zero sugar. 

Where can I find the CELSIUS Energy drinks?

The CELSIUS Energy drinks can be found at participating 7-Eleven, Costco and some grocery stores. Visit the CELSIUS website to find a retailer near you.  

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What do the CELSIUS Energy drinks taste like?

It’s not summer yet, but these drinks will have you feeling like you’re on vacation. These refreshing fruit-forward beverages gave our taste buds the sweet kick they needed to give us the energy we wanted to tackle our day. Read on for our honest ranking of the drinks. 

1. Sparkling Kiwi Guava CELSIUS

Sparkling Kiwi Guava was our favourite in the lineup. The sweet taste of kiwi combined with the guava surprisingly came together nicely and gave us a punch of flavour with the first sip. Not only was this bevvy so yummy but the sweetness and flavour really woke us up (and in a good way). We aren’t huge fans of sparkling water, so we were a bit skeptical at first but the sparkling, fizzy texture was a cherry on top that we really enjoyed! 

2. Sparkling Orange CELSIUS

To say we loved the Sparkling Orange flavour was an understatement. This flavour is a citrusy sweet blend and twist on a classic. This drink brought us a nostalgic feeling of our favourite orange soda drink from childhood with every sip. It was so delicious we drank it fast in one go. It’s not too sweet or overwhelming which we liked. If you’re a big fan of orange and want to reminisce on those fun childhood memories, this one has your name on it! 

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3. Sparkling Peach Vibe CELSIUS

Every sip of this energy drink was full of tasty vibrant peach flavour that truly wowed us. It was inspired by sunny beaches, and we can agree! This bevvy reminded us of eating fuzzy peach candies on the beach and soaking up the sun. It was generously sweet, without it being overpowering. If fuzzy peaches are your favourite candy, this one is definitely for you! 

4. Sparkling Sunset Vibe CELSIUS

This drink has every tropical flavour rolled into one that made us feel like our taste buds were on a little getaway. It’s not too sweet which we appreciated and was really refreshing. It’s a blend of mango, orange and passionfruit flavours that we weren’t expecting but was super delish. The sparkling texture was nice but we thought this would be just as good if it wasn’t. One critique we have is that the passionfruit flavour really shined through more than the mango and orange. As mango is our favourite fruit, we were left wanting more. 

5. Sparkling Tropical Vibe CELSIUS

There’s a reason why Sparkling Tropical Vibe got its name. This was a feel-good refreshing drink, that gave us plenty of energy. It has exotic tropical flavours of starfruit and pineapple. Although it was a very yummy bevvy and we enjoyed the sparkling texture, we felt like the starfruit and pineapple flavour was too subtle in our opinion.   

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