We Rank the Tim Hortons Winter Drinks From Best to Worst

Tim Hortons Marble Swirl Hot Chocolate, Fudge Brownie Latte and Iced Fudge Brownie Latte
Tim Hortons

With still a couple more months to go in winter, Tim Hortons has introduced their new lineup of winter drinks to help keep you cozy and warm until spring arrives. Now available in Canada, we got to try these beverages first! Read on for everything you need to know about the Tim Hortons winter drinks, plus our honest review and ranking of them. 

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What are the new Tim Hortons winter drinks?

The new Tim Hortons winter drinks include Marble Swirl Hot Chocolate, Marble Swirl White Hot Chocolate and Fudge Brownie Latte which comes either hot or cold (for those who enjoy drinking iced drinks all season long, like us). The Fudge Brownie Lattes are also available with your choice of dairy or a dairy alternative base. 

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Where can I find the Tim Hortons winter drinks?

The Tim Hortons winter drinks are available now at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and can be ordered for delivery through the Tim Hortons app. 

How much are the Tim Hortons winter drinks?

Depending on your size and region, the winter drinks vary by price. A medium-sized Marble Swirl Hot Chocolate and Marble Swirl White Hot Chocolate retails for about $4, a medium Fudge Brownie Latte (either hot or cold) is about $5. 

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What do the Tim Hortons winter drinks taste like?

The Tim Hortons winter drinks were particularly sweet and elevated the classic flavours Tim Hortons is known for. There was something delicious and warm about these beverages that definitely kicked our taste buds and were just what we needed on a cold day. Read on for our honest ranking of the beverages. 

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1. Marble Swirl Hot Chocolate 

The Marble Swirl Hot Chocolate was our favourite in the lineup. It elevated the taste of the classic Tims hot chocolate with the decadent flavour of (of course) chocolate. The whipped cream topped with the marble chocolate curls added that extra chocolate flavour that melted in the drink with every sip. If you’re already a fan of Tims hot chocolate, this one’s for you! 

2. Iced Fudge Brownie Latte With Almond Milk

The Iced Fudge Brownie Latte with almond milk was the perfect amount of sweetness with every sip. The latte is handcrafted with Tim Horton’s freshly ground espresso beans while fudge brownie syrup is mixed in with an almond milk base. It wasn’t overwhelming which we liked. This iced bevy’s version of the Fudge Brownie Latte in our opinion was better than the hot (but we’ll get to that later). Overall, it wasn’t bitter and the almond milk was a nice blend of flavour and an especially fun twist compared to a regular dairy base. 

3. Marble Swirl White Hot Chocolate 

To call this drink sweet was an understatement. Just after a few sips it tasted like a super sweet sugar overload that was overwhelming. Although we will admit that even more sips into this one, it did get a bit better and we got used to the extreme sweetness. If you have a major sweet tooth, this one has your name on it!

4. Hot Fudge Brownie Latte 

This latte was the least sweet one of the bunch. It’s made with espresso beans and topped with whipped cream and the marble chocolate swirls found in the other winter bevys that we thought were a nice touch. The fudge brownie flavour was very subtle that it didn’t stand out too much from a regular Tims latte. Although we weren’t necessarily big fans of the strong taste of coffee, if you are, you’ll enjoy this!  

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