We Rank the Tim Hortons Retro Donuts from Best to Worst

Tim Hortons retro donuts
Tim Hortons

When we think about Tim Hortons, we think of three things: their coffee, their Timbits, and of course, their donuts. Celebrating their 60th anniversary this year, Tim Hortons wanted to do something special for Canadians by bringing back what started it all: their beloved four retro donut flavours, only available for a limited time!


Tim Hortons opened their first restaurant on May 17, 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, and now has thousands of locations across Canada. If you’re like us, you grew up on Tim’s donuts and Timbits. Bringing back these historically popular retro donut flavours has us feeling all sorts of nostalgia, enjoying a taste of the past with every bite.

Read on for everything to know, plus our honest review and ranking of the donuts.

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What are the new Tim Hortons Retro Donut flavours?

Tim Hortons is bringing back four iconic flavours: Cinnamon Sugar Twist, Walnut Crunch, Dutchie, and Blueberry Fritter.

Where can I find the Tim Hortons Retro Donuts?

The Tim Hortons Retro Donuts are now available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and can be ordered for delivery through the Tim Hortons app.

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How much are the Tim Hortons Retro Donuts?

Each doughnut retails for $1.79, or $7.19 for all four.

What do the Tim Hortons Retro Donuts taste like?

These donuts have the signature Tim Hortons flavours that we know and love. They’re all pretty sweet, with the Cinnamon Sugar Twist being the lightest of them all. The most enjoyable part for us, was feeling like we were getting a small bite of our childhood with each flavour. There was something special about tasting these flavours after years of forgetting they ever existed — which made this experience special for us. Read on for our honest ranking of the donuts.

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1. Walnut Crunch

The Walnut Crunch is one of the OG flavours that came out in 1964. It’s a chocolate flavoured donut that has walnuts for a bit of crunch, finished with the classic Tims glaze. It’s essentially is a large chocolate glaze Timbit and we’re here for it. It’s a little on the sweet side, but if you’re a chocolate Timbits lover you’ll definitely love this one as much as we did. Out of the four, this one is a must try!

2. Dutchie

Another OG donut, the Dutchie is a simple glazed yeasted donut with raisins. Although the flavour profile is quite simple, what really got us is the nostalgia of eating this donut again. The taste was exactly what we  remember eating as kids, and even though we’re not a huge raisin fan, eating this donut felt simple yet comforting.


3. Cinnamon Sugar Twist

The Cinnamon Sugar Twist is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth. It was the simplest donut of all four: a yeasty donut that is rolled in cinnamon sugar, which gives it its sweetness. Nothing particularly stood out to us about this donut, and it tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to.

4. Blueberry Fritter

The Blueberry Fritter is a glazed donut with real blueberries inside the dough, stuffed with a blueberry filling. After just one bite of this donut we could tell you: it was very sweet. With the overflowing amount of blueberry jam, we think the sugar levels just went over the top with this one. That said, if you have a sweet tooth, this the donut for you!

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